The Success of Dick DeVos

Posted on May 26, 2016

Dick DeVos is a renowned individual not only for his business skills, but also for his philanthropy. Mr. DeVos is responsible for not only supporting his community with generous donations, but he is also responsible for building schools and for creating scholarships with the purpose of helping individuals pursue a higher education. As a businessman, Mr. DeVos knows exactly how vital an education is in order to continue to exponential increase of human capital. With Mr. DeVos’ net worth of over 5.1 billion dollars, he is a firm believer that the money that he has worked hard for should be shared by the community. Thanks to Mr. DeVos, several organizations that are centered around religion, education, art, as well as the free market have all received Mr. DeVos’ generous donations.

Dick DeVos found his love for business while growing up in a household that literally served as a business. Dick DeVos’ father is Richard DeVos, the proud founder of Amway Corporation, a distribution company that started out in the basement of the DeVos household. As a young child growing up into a bright young man, Dick DeVos watched as his family’s company grew into a multi billion dollar corporation that has partnerships as well as contracts with over 18 different countries in the four corners of the world. As Mr. DeVos was born and raised in Grand Rapids, Michigan, Mr. DeVos continues to be attached to his home as well as his community as Mr. DeVos remembers nothing but fond memories.

Dick DeVos distinctly remembers growing up and contributing to his father’s company. Though he was just a young boy, Dick DeVos and his brother were constantly in the office while play, stocking shelves, or even holding a product demonstration to the clients of the company. Dick DeVos’ experiences with business from a young boy to a young man are what later motivated Mr. DeVos to pursue a degree in business to help the family company even more.

After several decades in the industry of business, Dick DeVos has decided in recent news to pass on much of his responsibility to his trustworthy partner, Phil Dolci. Mr. Dolci is excited to have been chosen by Dick DeVos to run his business and hopes that he can continue the family legacy over the next several decades. Dick DeVos chose this individual for not only his marketing and business skills, but also for his leadership.