You’d Be Surprised By Some Of The First People Betsy DeVos Met With

Posted on January 16, 2019

Those who follow the news carefully know that Betsy DeVos is the current Secretary of Education. In fact, her confirmation hearing was so contested when it first happened that even those who do not necessarily follow the news all that closely may still have heard something about it. Thus, you get the picture that Betsy DeVos is the kind of person who is significant in our lives and culture.


DeVos is a member of the Trump Administration and a lifelong Republican. You might expect that this would land her firmly on the side of big business and firmly opposed to teacher’s unions. Those who believe this were surely shocked to find out that some of the very first people that DeVos met with were representatives of the major teacher’s unions in the country. She wanted to hear from them about ways that the nation’s schools could be improved, and they come ready with plenty of their own ideas.


Betsy DeVos has always been the kind of open-minded character that she showed herself to be in those early days. She is not so ideologically tied to one political party that she is unable to hear out the other side of an argument. She is actually quite poised when it comes to listening to what others have to say about her and to act accordingly.


This Secretary of Education has long been a proponent of charter schools. This is something that is frequently resisted by the teacher’s unions. They believe that such schools do not educate children as well as the public school system. They also feel that such schools are largely a handout to private corporations to profit off of the education of the nation’s children. Despite this strong opposition at least one of the leaders of a major teacher’s union was willing to have a meeting with DeVos about strategies for going forward.


The President has had many combative moments with plenty of members of his Cabinet up to this point, but he has not had any major reported issues with DeVos. In fact, there has not been anything that has spilled out into the public about any kind of disagreements between them that have caused the President to lash out.


This particular character is someone who is worth keeping an eye on even as she does what she can to avoid taking over the spotlight and making herself the story.


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Betsy DeVos Is Indefatigable

Posted on September 04, 2018

Some people in this world know how to set good examples. These people function as inspirations of sorts. These people make others daydream and aspire. Betsy DeVos of the state of Michigan is definitely among these individuals. She doesn’t breathe rarefied air. Although she has an existence that most people would describe as being interesting, she still has her feet planted firmly onto the ground. This is something that helps her daily as the Secretary of Education for the United States. She was given this job by President Donald Trump. Although she’s been the Education Secretary for a comparatively brief span of time, her relationship with the American educational system actually goes back a long way. DeVos has been going to United States charter schools for visits for years and years now. She’s been discussing the strengths of educational choice and even school vouchers for years and years now, too. She’s not the only “DeVos” family member to partake in these actions, either. Dick is the name of her husband. He shows an interest in educational matters that seems to rival hers. He even established the West Michigan Aviation Academy in 2010. This Grand Rapids, Michigan educational institution helps high school students who have big goals that relate to working in aviation. The students who go to this charter school often picture working as pilots after they graduate. Dick can relate to them greatly as well. The businessman enjoys aviation more than most things. It’s among his biggest loves in this life.


Betsy DeVos wants the public to be able to learn all about charter schools. She never misses an opportunity to discuss charter schools and how they may influence students in the country. She flew down to bustling Miami, Florida to go to an event alongside rapper Pitbull. The point of the event was to exchange information that involved charter schools. People in the audience were fascinated by all of the things DeVos and the music celebrity had to say.


The Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation is a trusted not-for-profit organization that has been in place since the late eighties. Betsy and Dick put it together in 1989. They regularly handle their cultural and art donations through the charity group. People who are eager philanthropists regularly look to Betsy and Dick for ideas. These are two individuals who always keep their eyes on the prize no matter what. They’re indefatigable.


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End Citizens United Raises Their Funds From Small-dollar Donors

Posted on June 01, 2018

The American political culture has been faced with a lot of controversies over the years with many court cases challenging the rules around the political arena. One such controversial issue came to light on in 2008 when a group called Conservative United aired a 90-minute long advertisement attacking Hillary Clinton while she was still a candidate. The federal laws of that time, however, required that every organization running a political ad must reveal the people that pay it and also reveal its cost.

The Conservative United group then went to court to have the court overrule this law by the Federal Election Commission (FEC) but the courts ruled against the Conservative United. However, two years later the United States Supreme Court overturned the previous federal court ruling and upended a century of finance case law that extended the right of free speech to corporations. This ruling took away the ability of the government to place limitations on what organizations can do influence election outcomes.

It is from this background that End Citizens United has formed the idea that unknown individuals can spend large sums of money on the elections to determine who gets elected to office meant that leaders got their positions without necessarily having a reform agenda for the nation. End Citizens United also believed that the involvement of such organizations in the political sphere tipped the balance of power and was an avenue through which the wealthy individuals got an opportunity to have favors extended to them by their ‘preferred candidate.’

End Citizens United raises their funds from small-dollar donors as they like to call them these are grassroots members who support the cause to have leaders who are driven by the development agenda and are focused to bringing reform to the society, the pool of funds are collected through a digital platform which acts as an avenue where individuals with specific goals meet and thus creating a feedback loop of political activism .

. Candidates who are endorsed by End Citizens United get overwhelming support from citizens because they are not aligned with the corporations that are known to have an ill motive.

End Citizens United uses a two-step strategy that involves supporting candidates propelled towards improving the campaign finance laws than through these leaders, they carry out a tactical legislative move to overrun citizens united. The leadership team of the group is an experienced lot who have worked in the political sphere for years.

George Soros Sees The Dominance Of Dictatorship In Near Future

Posted on February 05, 2017

George Soros sees the crisis, democracy going to face in the near future in the wake of recent U.S. Presidential election results. He confirms that protecting democracy is extremely important to avoid vested interests ruling the country. The recent developments make him believe that dictatorship and suppression of democracy are imminent across the world. He says that each of these developments is making hard hitting wounds on democracy and the concept of an open world.

George Soros is an American business magnate, investor, political activist, philanthropist and Chairman of Soros Fund Management, an investment management firm. Apart from a successful investor, he is well-known in his bold opinion about various causes and social issues. George Soros publicly condemned the hate crimes reported from the U.S. Presidential Election Day. He declared that he would donate $10 million to fight against such hate crimes. “We must do something against what is happening here,” He said. “The dark forces woke up by the election.”

George Soros’ Open Society Foundations, a non-profit group, has decided to spend at least $5 million in coming weeks to mobilize the civil rights groups and community organizations to initiate action plan against hate crimes and to help the victims. The group on Investopedia is also planning to set up a mechanism that can track the number of hate crimes reported in the country as there is an increase of 67 percent hate crimes comparing with last year. It should be noted that there were almost 700 cases of harassment and hate crimes from Election Day to the Friday of the week.

Anyone who knows Soros personally would always appreciate his stand against hate crimes. In fact, George Soros was a victim of hate crimes during the Holocaust, as a Hungarian Jew, he was escaping to U.S. during the World War II. He declares that he was influenced by the thoughts of philosopher Karl Popper, and developed his own philosophy. He believes that there are two types of political regimes and former one looks to take care of the interests of the electorate, while later does manipulation of subjects to serve their interests. The later one damages the values of democracy and create a closed political regime and ultimately dictatorship on He said that Donald Trump is representing that group that is exactly opposite to open society and hence he wants to see Trump failing.

Soros further points out that today the open societies are in a crisis. He says that the elected governments failed to deliver the voters’ expectations and that led to the rise of fascists and mafias. The globalization on Forbes has been benefited few and majority of the citizen are disadvantaged of it without getting the benefits. Most of the people believe that the influential groups stole the democracy.

George Soros the Democrat and Human Rights Activist

Posted on January 12, 2016

George Soros is known worldwide for his writings in political and social themes. He was born and raised in Budapest, Hungary, in the era of rebellion. Soros decided to flee Hungary to the United Kingdom in search of better opportunity and a place to nurture his talents.

Soros is the man behind great investments and foundations across the world. Having attended the prestigious London school of Economics, he has an excellent understanding of administration, economy, and finance. 1952, Soros ventured into in investment banking.
In the subsequent years, Soros established several bank investments in the US, and he relocated to New York. Here, his career kicked off. He established relations with prestigious firms namely: Wertheim and Co, Arnhold and S. Bleichroeder, and F. M. New York, Mr. Soros made a career and found fulfillment.

In the mid-1970s, with his vast knowledge and years of experience, he decided to build his business empire. He established Soros Hedge Fund Management. The firm under the leadership of George earned him lots of revenue. With funds from investors who trusted him, Soros made a billion in dollars in more than two twenty years. Soros made a cash hypothesis on the British pound in 1992 earning him $1 billion in a day.

Soros is not only one of the best investment bankers in the world but also a human rights activist. He takes advantage of his extensive links to advocate for social and political change. He has taken upon himself to set up societies to function and encourage people to be critical thinkers. The open societies Foundations are spread in over a hundred states across the continents.
Through the Foundations, Soros advocates for the universal message of peace, truth, accountability and transparency. The foundations operate on a regional level. Mr. Soros gives thousands of scholarships to needy students across the world. He believes education brings about ideological change.

Recently, George Soros condemned Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and his compatriot Ted Cruz for invoking terror. According to George, terror groups such as ISIS have been cornered. They are currently operating on the run and will eventually collapse. Soros maintains that such groups have been weakened as evidenced by their declining influence in the Middle East. Click here for more information.

Soros has also voiced concerns over ongoing international conflicts and refugee crisis. He has had issues with various publications on the same. Soros has faulted inter-governmental organizations such as United Nations for failure to work in the line of their formation. He advises and advocates for the creation of practical long-term solutions and strategies to manage the crisis in Ukraine, Syria and Russia.
Other vices that Soros condemns include the increasing oppression of refugees that seek help in other countries and continents. Soros has earned respect and admiration from many people such as Kofi Annan and Bono, the musician. George Soros believes that much can be done to change the undesirable human behaviors through education and free thinking.