Charity and Philanthropy – the Gigantic Non-profit Investments that Surround the Open Society Foundations

Posted on December 16, 2017

Philanthropy and charity are concepts that are very important for many people in the world who have suffered from injustice and abuse. Because of some individuals who stood for them and used their money and time to give them shelter, food, and a voice to be heard, some whole communities are now saved because of heroes that have invested, not only into themselves, but into the others.

Nowadays, the biggest organizations with profitable purposes are the Open Society Foundations, a network of many institutions scattered around different countries and cities, with the sole purpose of giving funding support to other organizations, communities, and citizens that desperately need that assistance. This is the case for poverty, hunger, and communities who are facing political censure or legal abuse.

Not only are these foundations some of the most essential organizations when it comes to helping others, but they are also created by one of the most successful investors in the world, George Soros.

Being one of the biggest philanthropists alive today, George Soros has made the life of thousands of people, be it women, children or men of different cultures, much safer, more bearable and more respected. Many people who were victims of abuse or censure had the hand of George Soros in their times of desperate needs, and the biggest driving force of the investor and magnate is the choice of helping others.

This is the main reason why, throughout his life and career, he has given away more than $40 million to charitable movements and noble causes, be it by himself or through the Open Society Foundations, which he created to serve as a bridge between his investments and his philanthropical actions. Just recently, for example, in 2017, George Soros was caught donating $18 billion to his Open Society Foundations to increase the money that these organizations have available to help others in need.

Apart from being the founder of some of the most significant organizations with non-profitable roles in the world, he is also the founder and funder of the Central European University, located in Budapest, Hungary, his birthplace, and motherland. There, many scientific studies are conducted and shown to visitors and students, and George Soros has incentivized education and research with the creation of the institution.

George Soros has made his lifetime goal to invest in these charities and his Open Society Foundations to relieve the world of some of the injustice and oppression that scare and intimidate those who can’t stand against them. This is the case for the Jewish communities, who have faced censure for years, and the same for people who were not able to speak for themselves in political debates.

George Soros faced such injustices when he was young and still lived in Budapest, Hungary. He was born in a Jewish family, which meant that the Nazi armies, which would soon invade and conquer the territory of Budapest, would cause a lot of trouble and pose a threat to the family. This led Soros to leave to England at student’s age and study to become an investor. and follow him