Jeff Aronin Leads Paragon Biosciences with A Passion to Cure

Posted on April 08, 2018

There are over six thousand known diseases today that there is no treatment for. A number that seems almost insurmountable to overcome. What’s interesting is the reason there are no treatments for some of the diseases is not because medical research or the pharmaceutical industry have not been working diligently to tackle them and develop strategies to treat and cure the afflictions but because in some cases the process for getting newly developed drugs approved for patient care can be daunting.

That’s where Paragon Biosciences and their CEO Jeff Aronin come in.

The company invests and incubates startup companies in biotechnology to help them grow and succeed in their innovative efforts to utilize biomedical research and development to create and produce the treatments and medications needed to fight these rogue diseases. The investment company supports the scientific medical research companies it feels are taking a rational approach to drug development always keeping the patients’ needs at the forefront which is a big factor in getting effective much-needed medications fast approval and into the hands of medical professionals that need them to treat their suffering patients.

At the helm of this innovative company is Jeff Aronin, the company’s CEO and chairman since 2010. Mr. Aronin has an extensive and successful background. He has led many pharmaceutical companies around the world with his superior skills and instinct for brand marketing, investment finance and strong business development infrastructure design and management (

In 2000 Jeff Aronin founded Ovation Pharmaceuticals Inc. and for the next 9 years was the president and CEO of that company. He remained in that roll in 2009 during the acquisition period when his pioneering company was purchased by Lundbeck assisting with the new acquisitions integration.

Mr. Aronin has an excellent reputation and successful record in the specialization of drug development, complex sciences and battling rare diseases via innovative and modern biotechnology research methods. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree from Northern Illinois University then went on to DePaul University where he received his MBA.

With the combination of Paragon Biosciences solid research and development of effective medications and Jeff Aronin’s passion to cure and help people, you can be certain a lot of needs will be met in the future.