Sheldon Lavin Plays Major Roles in Various

Posted on June 09, 2018

To increase the productivity of an industry is a tough job especially for someone who has no experience in managerial skills and leadership. New investors should aspire to take the steps of most of the well-established philanthropists and CEO like Sheldon Lavin to make a significant improvement in production. Lavin is a determined industrial oriented businessman who purposes in creating business empires. The individual got born in the year 1932, and he underwent the University of Illinois to study accountant. Thereof, he joined the Northwest University where he majored in finance. Also, he undertook business studies at Roosevelt University in Chicago. Right after completing his studies, he established the Sheldon Lavin and Associate consultancy agency in the downtown Chicago. Thus, he worked as a consultant for more than fifteen years.

The Businessman qualifies in the handling of the financial operations in the large-scale industries to help them stick to higher production of food supplies. To support the operation, he notices the factors of production that can lead to the growth of the company. These variables are such as changing the technology, consumer satisfaction, and availability of resources. Lavin is not the kind of an entrepreneur who thinks that things can only turn out right if he does them himself. Therefore, he delegates duties to his workers. Thus, the workers can help in determining the areas of improvement in an industry hence he takes less research.

Apart from giving out the consultation on financial matters, Sheldon Lavin plays major roles in various industries to contribute his visionary leadership skills. Currently, he serves as the Chief Executive Officer of the OSI industry. The individual joined the company in the year 1970, and he contributed to the many achievements of the firm. Recently, OSI Food Solution extended its production capacity of the processed beef, chicken, and pork products to more than 45,000 tons per year. Lavin is working on the odds of success for the industry in Europe and North America. In the year 2016 when the company acquired the Tyson Food Plant, the company showed the willingness to extend its services to North America.

OSI industry purchased Flagship in the year 2017 and made it the principal distributor of food in the UK. As the world ambassador in entrepreneurship, Sheldon Lavin uses the company’s funds to support the environmental sustainability practices. The philanthropist acts as the role model for numerous Millennial investors. Lavin is the primary contributor to various charity missions to help the less fortunate families in the world.

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Sheldon Lavin Propels OSI Group to Greater Heights Internationally

Posted on April 17, 2018

The current Chief Executive Officer and president of the OSI Group has been in the meat industry for long. Sheldon started out as a financial consultant at the Otto and Sons Company. He later became fully involved with the business and became a partner at the Otto and sons gaining 50 percent control over the company band and eventually 100 percent of the company after the retirement of his partner. Sheldon Lavin’s leadership skills have significantly contributed to the massive growth of the OSI Group to become an internationally recognized supplier company of food products.

The OSI group is the primary organization that holds the OSI International Food and the OSI industries LLC. The OSI group has managed to expand in over 16 countries with over 70 operations. The OSI Group features among the top 50 private organizations globally which have made over six billion in revenue. Sheldon has received numerous recognitions throughout the years, the most recent one being the prestigious Global Visionary Award in 2016. The Indian Vision World Academy presented the award. The prize aims to recognize extraordinary personal contributions to humanity through persistence and perseverance. Sheldon was also awarded the A Lifetime Achievement award for his commitment and service to the Chicago business community. The RSM US LLP presented the award in 2015. Under the leadership of Sheldon Lavin, the company has been able to grow to a global enterprise with over 20,000 employees.

Sheldon Lavin is also an active philanthropist. He has engaged in numerous charity organizations within the country and contributed to them massively. Among the groups, he has donated to the Ronald Mc Donald House Charity, the United Negro College Fund, Evans Scholarship Fund and the Inner City Foundation of Chicago among others.

Sheldon Lavin studied accounts and finance and is a degree holder in the same. The 81-year-old continues to persist in the growth of the OSI Group through continually expanding. He is keen on the qualities of the products being produced at OSI Group and makes evident efforts to maintaining the quality and standards of the product. In a recent interview, Sheldon expressed his Intention to continue scaling the heights of OSI Group high. He gave credit to his team of professionals who are committed to the success of OSI group. Sheldon hopes to continue with making progress in the company by penetrating the market globally.


OSI Food Solution Continues its Rapid Global Expansion

Posted on March 28, 2018

The desire to consume meat is growing on a global scale. For example, in Spain and Portugal the demand for chicken has shot up eight percent in one year. OSI Food Solutions is a global leader in the production of top-quality and value-effective meats, including beef, pork products, chicken products, sausages and custom foods. OSI is the most rapidly growing producer of meat in the world. The company is making major moves to ensure that 2018 is an extremely good year in terms of growth and production.

OSI Food Solutions recently made a large purchase from Tyson. The company bought Tyson Food Group’s facility on Chicago’s Southside. The company also purchased the Dutch-based Baho Foods. Baho Foods has five sub-brands located in Germany and the Netherlands. The company also will meet the growing desire for chicken products in Spain and Portugal by expanding facilities in Toledo, Spain. The expanded facilities will allow for OSI to more than double the amount of chicken products being produced on an annual basis.

OSI Purchases Former Tyson Facility in Chicago

Tyson Food Group was set to close its facility located in the Southside of Chicago. This would mean that over four hundred people would be left without jobs. This is devastating in an area of Chicago where jobs are very hard to find. OSI Food Solutions has wanted to increase the volume of production and business done in the United States for years. It is one of the company’s prime goals. OSI purchased the facility for $7.4 million The facility is over two hundred thousand square feet and due to the purchase by OSI the majority of the former Tyson employees will be able to keep their jobs.

OSI Makes Major Expansion to its Spain Facilities

OSI Food Solutions is known for being consistently up to date on the specifics of consumer demand in the food industry. As mentioned above, OSI’s analysts noticed that the demand for chicken products was rapidly rising within Spain and Portugal. The goal of facility expansion was to be the first company in the meat production industry to be ready to meet that demand ahead of time. For that reason, OSI chose to expand the facility in Toledo, Spain by more than 20,000 square feet. Additionally, OSI Food Solutions added a high-capacity production line. This new production line will more than double the amount of chicken produced at the Spain location.

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Lessons From OSI Group President David McDonald’s Professional Success

Posted on January 07, 2018

David McDonald, has for quite some time now been OSI Group’s president, a global leading food processing company and is among the most successful business people of his time. During his early years, David McDonald had an interest in the agricultural sector particularly farming and though he rose from a humble background, he managed to develop his desire in agriculture through hard work and persistence. In 1983, he joined Lowa State University where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in animal science later in 1987.

David McDonald started working at Chicago’s OSI industries soon after graduating from Lowa State university and within no time, his hard work, persistence and the ability to inject new ideas into the company saw him rise through the ranks and is now the president and COO of the company. He is an exceptional leader who has managed to mentor a lot of young professionals while others look up to him for his wise counsel. Today, he is a respected figure who has successfully led OSI Group through several expansion strategies. OSI group has over 50 facilities currently, that are spread throughout the world.

OSI group is operating eight facilities in China alone and has a mega processing plant in Henan province after a 2012 partnership with the DOYOO Group and aims to be China’s largest supplier of poultry products. OSI Group’s vision has managed to remain constant over the years with an objective to offer high quality products and ensuring that the company remains sustainable through entrenching a culture of ethics and a “can do it” attitude among its employees. This attitude makes it possible for the company’s employees to adapt to different working environments. Everyone who works for OSI group is usually encouraged to work hard and deliver beyond the customers expectations.

David McDonald encourages his employees to be patient and he attributes OSI Group’s success to various factors among them entering into dynamic partnerships that have seen the company succeed in leaps and bounds. He is an exceptional leader who has received awards and accolades for leading OSI Group to unprecedented growth.
OSI Group purchased Baho foods, a leading Dutch Manufacturer in 2016, a company that produces deli meats and convenient foods. According to McDonald the acquisition was an important step in ensuring that the company has a wider presence in Europe. He believes that even international companies can be local in a certain way. The company has presence in both the United States and China and is ranked position 58 among the largest private companies in the U.S by Forbes.

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