A Woman Writer’s Guide to Registration On Wikipedia

Posted on November 02, 2015

Women writers are encouraged to join the male dominated Wikipedia. Statistics prove that almost 90 percent of the writers on the site are male. Certainly, this is surprising to women writers. Women writers should not let those high figures discourage them. Instead, take the opportunity to join one of the highest profile sites online. Here are a few more practical tips for women writers.

Generally, the editors and other writers are a friendly and very encouraging group. Still, every group from getyourwiki has a few bad apples that try to spoil the bunch. Some of the male writers on the site are quick to identify the female voice and harass. This is probably a subconscious effort to keep the site more like the old boys club. Even today, there are male writers that use antiquated strategies to dissuade female writers. Therefore, it is a good idea to keep this in mind before composing your first article.

Register An Account
The first step is to register an account on Wikipedia. Connect your new Wikipedia account with a new email address that was made especially for the account. Do not use any gender based names on either account. Do not use your real name. Use your initials. Some women might prefer to make up a completely fictitious name. Do not add any type of identification that would identify your gender. Let’s keep it real. This is the best way to discourage gender based intimidation by male writers.

Encourage Others
You are a writer. Therefore, it should be easy for you to pitch your writing ideas to other interested women writers. Encourage them to write for Wikipedia. Persuade them that Wikipedia needs more women to add diversity to the site. After all, writing for Wikipedia is very advantageous to their career in multiple ways.

Get Your Wiki
Let’s face facts. Writing for Wikipedia is a very difficult task for new writers. Writing that is logical and formatted properly takes tremendous time and effort. This is very discouraging to some because they have several projects going at the same time. Get Your Wiki will lighten your load.

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