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Posted on June 01, 2017



Dealing with customer complaints is something that many companies dread. However, there are proven ways to increase the effectiveness of your employee’s level of customer service. Keep reading to learn how to better deal with customer complaints.


How to Handle Customer Complaints

Employees should be trained to put their emotions aside and avoid personalizing the situation. The customer is most likely very frustrated over a legitimate product or service problem. The first thing that employees should do is to thank the customer for sharing their problem and ask them to clearly explain the situation. As part of this, customers should avoid contradicting or citing company policy when talking with upset customers, even if the customer if totally wrong.


Next, the employee should offer as much support as possible. This might come in the form of exchanging a defective product without the receipt or asking IT for assistance in solving the customer’s mobile phone glitch. In order to accomplish this, employees must be trained to be flexible and patient with customers. Keep in mind that certain customers will not be completely satisfied. There are also unique situations which may not have a clear cut solution. Therefore, employees should be empowered to offer rebates, discounts or even gift cards. Doing so will not only resolve the problem, but increase customer loyalty and guarantee future revenue.


Case Study

White Shark Media is a well-established digital marketing agency that has successfully learned from their mistakes. For example, many clients used to complain about poor communication. They were often frustrated because they were unable to directly contact their account representative. Therefore, White Shark Media scheduled monthly progress meetings with every client. During this time, the client could voice any concerns and and review the previous month’s performance. Because of this, many potential problems were identified early on and clients were satisfied with the results. In addition to this, White Shark Media also upgraded their phone system with direct extensions.


As illustrated above, White Shark Media directly responded to client’s complaints with both process and system changes. Companies should keep in mind that chronic customer complaints can be solved through a variety of options. For example, other companies that experience communication problems won’t even have to install a phone system. Instead, they may add a live-chat customer service option to their website or client’s online account platform.


Clearly, handling customer complaints should be done properly. This will increase revenue and customer loyalty. Keep in mind that there are multiple solutions to seemingly difficult customer service problems.