Handy Is The Finest Home Cleaning Portal Online

Posted on January 06, 2017

There are quite a few homeowners around America who must keep their homes clean with no time in their schedule. Each family has a laundry list of items to complete in the course of a week, and they need someone to help clean the house on their behalf. This article explains how homeowners find what they need through Handy, how the site schedules cleaning appointments what extra services the company plans to offer.

#1: Scheduling New Service

Every customer may schedule service on the Handy website, and they are free to choose anyone they like. Cleaners enter their information on the site, and they may schedule time with clients as they like. It is quite simple to find a cleaner on the site, and each cleaner is given freedom to set their own schedule.

#2: Payments Through The Site

The site takes payments for every new customer, and the cleaners begin service once they have taken payment for each service. They are free to offer extra services to their customers at any time, and they are given a choice to schedule when it is time to clean their home. Homes that are cleaned and maintained properly will retain their value, and the house will look beautiful when the homeowners have called for a cleaner through Handy. Every payment and appointment made through Handy helps the family keep the house clean without unnecessary stress on their schedule.

Cleaners may schedule special services through Handy, and they may offer special cleanings, deep cleanings and spot cleaning. Everyone who wishes to keep their house clean may approach Handy in a pinch, and they will plan to deploy their services as quickly as possible. Each cleaner understands they must meet customer needs without worry, and they will see results once the cleaners leave the house.