NGP VAN is Helping Democrats with Voter Turnout

Posted on April 19, 2018

NGP VAN has headquarters in Washington D.C. and Massachusetts. The company works closely with the Democratic party to provide voter database records and web hosting services. The company was founded in 2001 under the name of Voter Activation Network, but changed its name ten years later. The company has worked with American politicians such as Barrack Obama, Bernie Sanders, and Hillary Clinton, but it also works in Canada and Britain.

During the 2016 elections, NGP VAN made a great contribution to canvassing efforts all around the country. Canvassing is when politically minding individuals go door to door, asking homeowners to come out and vote. These individuals are one of the major campaign efforts during election time. NGP VAN is not able to make their job a lot easier. NGP VAN’s software works to organize canvassing efforts, providing field agents with clear strategies and paths. In order to run an effective canvassing operation, the organization required access to voter data: this is what NGP VAN provides.

MiniVAN is available for free on Android and Apple devices. This app provides a basic, streamlined strategy for canvassers to follow. The app will tell you which route to take in order to cover as much ground as possible, tell you what to say, and tell you how to secure the votes of citizens. The app also uploads canvassing data direction to the campaign database, eliminating hours of paperwork, making everyone’s job easier.

NGP VAN’s software completely eliminates the “turf cutting” process. This term describes the actions of creating walk lists and mapping out your routes. NGP VAN does all of this for you. All you have to do is tell their app where you are operating. Thanks to data already uploaded to the system, an individual will have all the knowledge they require to make all of their talks more effective.

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