Is Reality TV Becoming a Thing of the Past?

Posted on May 19, 2015

Many people jumped on the reality television bandwagon, and producers rejoiced at the idea of quick money and little scripting. But as shows about oddball families, unlikely marriages, and survival tactics hit an all-time high, there are a few outlet sources that are saying ‘no’ to the reality TV craze.

Both Netflix and Amazon Prime pride themselves on gaining customer loyalty, and part of this loyalty is for their producing of their own hit shows that don’t fall victim to the reality show fluff according to Keith Mann. Fans who just want television to be about great scripts, wonderful actors, and decent plot lines are responding in positive ways.

If reality TV hits Netflix and Amazon Prime, their goal is to ensure higher quality plots and less of the dramatic fluff that gives reality TV the bad reputation its gained over the last 15 years. While reality television will likely not fade entirely anytime soon, the lure of producing cheap shows with a mind-blowing audience following may start to become less popular than it once was.