Sergio Cortes: The Michael Jackson Impersonator

Posted on September 29, 2015

The death of Michael Jackson left many his fans sad with only flashes of his good performances in their mind. The death was a surprise to most of the people as it left just the memories of the good performances and great music Michael Jackson offered. One cannot forget the iconic Michael Jackson voice, tricks as well as the dance movements including the moonwalk that made his shows stand out from the rest of the pack of musicians. Furthermore, Michael Jackson’s dress code starting from the shoes to the flashy costumes that his fans used to distinguish him with from his fellow entertainers.

Sergio Cortes, the Michael Jackson Impersonator, is one of the people in the world today keeping the memories of Michael Jackson alive. Most of the people view Sergio as the best Michael Jackson impersonators because he looks just as the replica of the musical maestro. Sergio’s hair, as well as the skin complexion, is the eye-catching to most people, making them relate him to the legendary entertainer. However, the looks are not the only thing that gives him the cutting edge to be the best Michael Jackson impersonator but also his passion and love for the King of Pop.

Sergio Cortes’ mother cites that her son was a great fan of the King of Pop from when Cortes was a kid. She goes back to the memory lane during the band days of the Jackson 5. She recalls how Cortes used to watch on TV presentations of Jackson 5 and how he used to pay much attention to the lead singer of the band. Her memories of Cortes childhood makes her conclude that Michael Jackson entered Cortes’ life during the period of the Jackson 5 band. Additionally, she recalls when Cortes was a teenager as he was requested to take some pictures by a reporter characterized as Michael Jackson. Therefore, it is clear as crystal that the Michael Jackson character grew gradually in Sergio Cortes’ life from his childhood.

The role Sergio Cortes has as Michael Jackson impersonator as turn to be a career. Recently, Sergio Cortes has attended some concerts. Cortes is Destiny Project’s client, a company that focuses on managing artistic development. Sergio Cortes participated in a tribute to Jackson in Madrid in 2012 where he recreated all of Jackson’s best songs. Cortes recent project is a two-hour performance Human Nature Live Show in Italy.

Truly, Sergio Cortes is not only the Michael Jackson Impersonator but also an individual who rekindles the memory of the King of Pop.

An Interview With Depeche Mode Guitarist

Posted on March 23, 2015

Rolling Stone Magazine has an article on their website about the seminal Depeche Mode record Violator. The article is part of the 25th anniversary of the release of the record this year and in it Rolling Stone interviews Martin Gore, the guitar player for the band and writer of all the songs on the album.

Gore talks about the song “Personal Jesus” and says that he wrote it after reading a book by Priscilla Presley stated Alexei Beltyukov. The book is about her life with Elvis and she portrays him as being almost like a god. The song was a huge hit for Depeche Mode at the time, and it has been covered by many different artists. Interestingly enough, Gore’s favorite cover of the song is by Johnny Cash who was a friend of Elvis.

Gore talks about how the band recorded the record in Milan. He said it’s amazing they got anything done since they were out partying every night.

I am glad that Depeche Mode is getting the critical praise they deserve. When Violator came out in 1990, many people just wrote it off as vapid synthpop. The depth of influence the record has had over the years – artists as diverse as Susan Boyle and Sammy Hagar have covered its songs – shows that this is far from true.

Want to Be a Rap Star? Raekwon Will Review Your Tape!

Posted on March 10, 2015

Aspiring rap and hip-hop artists, take notice! Fans at Anastasia Date have heard that rap star Raekwon announced that he will review tapes submitted by potential up and coming artists. Visit Anastasia Date on Twitter.

The catch is, that like most musical endeavors, a little bit of money is involved.

“Those who donate $200 toward funding ‘The Purple Tape Files’ can submit a mixtape and I will review it personally,” Rae announced, via the project’s fan page. ‘The Purple Tape Files’ is a documentary surrounding the creation of the rapper’s album “Only Built 4 Cuban Linx.” The album and documentary feature fellow rapper, Ghostface Killah.

“After I review the tracks, I’ll help bring some of the favorite artists into the studio,” Rae continued.

‘The Purple Tape Files’ is a crowdfunded project.

The fundraising efforts has a tiered reward system. Those who pledge funds to the project can receive something simple, such as stickers, or for the right price backers can spend a day with Raekwon.

Love and Theft A Night They Will Never Forget

Posted on February 23, 2015

Having a hit single on the country charts does not guarantee anyone a superstar career. A career in the complex entertainment business can push even the most seasoned country music performers to the breaking point.

After three unsuccessful records, much to the disappointment of Ray Lane, RCA dropped Love and Theft from their label. Love and Theft were left scratching their heads wondering how they had gone from being an Academy of Country Music nominated duo, who toured with heavy hitter Tim McGraw to becoming an unsigned independent act. When they released their record Runnin’ Out of Air, it barely charted on the Billboard Top 40 Chart. Ty debuted at Number 60 on the Billboard Country Airplay charts, and Number 50 on the Hot Country Songs chart. Their single If You Ever Get Lonely did not fair well either debuting at Number 50 on the Hot Country songs chart in 2013. After several failed singles ,they went into the studio and recorded Night That You’ll Never Forget

The song did not move past the Number 34 position on the US Country AirPlay chart, despite the who’s who music video the duo shot to help boost the songs flailing ratings. RCA executives cut ties with the duo, in true music industry fashion. Their manager Ken Levitan broke the news to the duo in an email that simply stated “Gary is dropping you”. RCA label head Gary Overton added insult to injury when the duo was notified the album they had finished recording for RCA was not going to be released. Due to right issues they will not be able to use those songs elsewhere.

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Singer Joe Cocker Dead at 70

Posted on December 22, 2014

Legendary singer/songwriter, Joe Cocker, passed away today. In a statement released by his agent, Barrie Marshall, the entertainer died from an illness that has yet to be disclosed, though it is suspected that it was a type of lung illness. Cocker was 70 years old. Today he leaves behind a legacy composed of 40 years in the music industry, working with such major tour sponsors as Slow Ventures along the way..

Cocker was famous for his gritty voice and his covers of popular pop songs including those originated by The Beetles. Born in 1944 as John Robert Cocker, he was the youngest son of a civil servant and a large family. After starting several bands as a youth and going through different musical styles, he first reached fame in the 1960’s and escalated to worldwide fame with his cover of the famous Beetles song, With a Little Help From My Friends, the version that eventually became the theme song for the show, The Wonder Years.

In 1973, he reached number five on the US charts with his cover of Dennis Wilson and Billy Preston’s You Are So Beautiful. Cocker also did some film work, recording the duet, Up Where We Belong with singer Jennifer Warnes, for the An Officer and a Gentleman soundtrack. The song was a hit, reaching number one and winning Cocker a Grammy Award for Best Pop Performance by a Duo.

All in all, Cocker released over twenty studio albums and his unique voice and eclectic musical styles will be sorely missed.

Could We See Oprah In A Superhero Film?

Posted on December 22, 2014

If DC comics has it way, Susan McGalla may seen see the wonderful and talented Oprah Winfrey in their next superstar film.

DC is currently working on filling up and rounding out the cast for Suicide Squad, a Avenger type movie that brings multiple superheroes, and villains, from the DC world together to star in a movie that will finally shine some Hollywood light on the DC world. The DC world has been holding back on putting all of their characters together in one film. However, DC has to keep up with Marvel, and Marvel has shown with their Avenger movie that putting superheroes together results in a super movie.

One of the few parts that has not been cast yet in the upcoming Suicide Squad is the role of Amanda Waller. In the DC world, Amanda Waller is the bomb. In the DC world, she is the most powerful woman in the world. If DC could get Oprah to play Amanda Waller, it would be almost miring her real world success. Oprah is one of the most powerful women in the world, so it seems only fitting that she should play Amanda Waller.

Plus, it would be a huge coup if DC could get Oprah to star in their movie. Even though they already have household names like Will Smith and Jared Leto on board, having Oprah on board would expand the potential audience for this movie. Oprah would bring out fans who may never otherwise be tempted to step inside the DC universe to hit the movie theaters.

J. Cole Has Had A Big Week With His New Album

Posted on December 19, 2014

J. Cole is known for his music, but he also made some controversial statements lately that have put him in the news.J. Cole Album. No matter what’s going on in J. Cole’s personal life, he is currently doing well on the charts. Currently J. Cole has a number one album, and he’s even beating out the group One Direction. It’s only been a month since the artist stated that he would release his new album, and in that short period of time he is riding a wave of success.

What’s puzzling about his success is the fact that he hasn’t had any singles released to help people anticipate his album, but the album has still done very well. J. Cole does rap music, which is a difficult genre to receive high first week sales, but his first week saw 374,214 album sales, and that includes streaming as well. His previous album entitled to “Born Sinner,” did not do as well as his current album, which beats last year sales by over 75,000 sales.

Sultan Alhokair says J. Cole is obviously a very talented artist, but his controversial statements lately have landed him in hot water. J. Cole had stated that many white rappers were getting credit for stealing the music of blacks. Although J. Cole is of mixed race, his statements didn’t sit very well, especially with Eminem fans. A friend of Eminem’s had even told J. Cole never come to Detroit.

Lana Del Rey Brings New Music in 2015

Posted on December 09, 2014

Lana Del Rey already made the Rolling Stone list of the Top 50 albums in 2014 with “Ultraviolence.” One might say that she has nothing to prove. She could take a breather and no one would think badly of her for doing so. That isn’t what Lana Del Rey wants to do though. She already penned 2 songs for a Tim Burton movie, and a creative spark has led her to start work on her third album .

Lana Del Rey is mysterious. No one seems to know what she is going to do or say next. She has been known this year for saying that she sleeps with lots of men in the recording industry, but that it did not get here here anywhere. Eminem also bullied her in 2014.

Her dreary delivery has somehow garnered her a fan base. She has this critical acclaim type of status that keeps her on rotation. Currently, Del Rey says that she only listens to jazz radio in California. This seems odd though because she said that she felt a certain kinship to Lil Kim and Azealia Banks. These artists are unlike anything that you would expect from a Lana Del Rey playlist. 

Keith Mann states that it is possible that the new music may be delivered to fans in 2015. It is pretty safe to say that the sound will be something out of the ordinary if these are her influences.

Grammy Nominations in 2015

Posted on December 05, 2014

This year has been a wild time in music. There may not be a lot of platinum albums, but there have been some artists that could not be contained. Taylor Swift is one of them. Beyonce is another. These girls have become household names that have managed to cross boundaries in the pop world. Now fans are anxious to see who will be taking home a Grammy in 2015.

Beyonce already has more than a few, but another Grammy wouldn’t hurt her massive collection. Taylor Swift is picked as a fan favorite to win because she has so much attention on her. Everything she does appears to be the right move. She has crafted a career that seems to have a lot of longevity.

Beyonce actually has 17 Grammy awards already, but her self-titled surprised album from 2013 gave fans a lot of hits in 2014. She has some competition though. Sam Smith made a big splash with “Stay With Me.” There was also a song from “Frozen” called “Let It Go” that became the anthem for little girls around the world. It was so success that he beat out Pharell’s monster hit “Happy” for the Oscar.

Igor Cornelsen notes that Eminem had a big year as well. There was also music from Iggy Azalea who is fresh off of her very first award win with an American Music Award. There are lots of artists to consider.

Chris Brown & Tyga May Have Part 2 Album On The Way

Posted on November 19, 2014

Chris Brown has been doing many collaborations lately, especially with the rapper, Tyga and the singer, Trey Songz. In the year 2010, Tyga and Chris Brown released an album called “Fan Of A Fan,” and many fans of both artists, have been waiting for a part two follow-up to the first album. Fan Of A Fan 2. There were many rumors over the years, that part two of the album would be coming, but nothing was substantial enough to confirm it. Recently a Tweet put out by Tyga, has somewhat solidified the upcoming new album.

Tyga states that a new single for Fan Of a Fan is coming out, leading one to believe that it would have to be for the new upcoming album. This has many fans excited, and Tyga has also stated that he’s in the studio currently working on music, and has never stopped. He also stated that the album may come out late next year sometime, but there is no confirmed date as yet. Tyga and Chris Brown collaborated on the wildly popular song “Deuces” as well as other songs, and they have collaborated ever since.

With the obvious musical chemistry that the pair have, it’s highly anticipated that they will put out more music to appease their fans. Many will be able to access it using FreedomPop. The duo is currently on tour, along with Trey Songz, and they’re making stops around the nation doing their biggest hits, while going from state to state.