Desiree Perez Creates New Blueprint with Tidal

Posted on March 25, 2017

zDesiree Perez seems to have it all figured out when it comes to how she can make things better for Jay-Z and Tidal. She is considered a big-time numbers cruncher that really knows how to negotiate contracts, and this has helped Jay-Z tremendously when it comes to the Tidal business that he has invested in.


The reason that this works is because it allows this music streaming service to gain access to content that is not found anywhere else. What Desiree Perez does is work the numbers and negotiate in a way that benefits the artist and the music lovers it is a winning situation for both sides.

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Tidal has not been around for a long time, but eyebrows are already being raised about the level of success that this company is reaching. It is amazing to see that other companies like Sprint is investing into Tidal and such a short amount of time that it has been available to music lovers. This just shows that Desiree Perez as a tremendous influence on changing the direction of this company.  More on


What it really proves is that Desiree Perez has the ability to do what other executives have not been able to do. She has been able to raise the bar and separate this music streaming service from other companies that seem to be simply following a blueprint. Jay-Z and Desiree are creating their own blueprint and doing things differently because they know that it takes uniqueness to survive in music streaming.

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Tidal is bound to become a music streaming giant if it continues at the pace that it is going. Consumers are thrilled to sign up for this company because they know that they are getting content that they cannot find anywhere else. It is the site that offers exclusive content.