Use Skout to Scout New Friends Wisely

Posted on September 30, 2015

In case anyone wants to know where people are spending their time, it is with their smart phones. Now they can meet people whenever they look at the app they have downloaded from Skout, which brings up a field of faces to ‘wink’ at. Of course this gives some people the creeps, but in the world of social media and mobile devices, it is a marriage made in virtuality. Skout does have ground rules, however, so that things do not get out of hand as they always do with out boundaries.

Skout has banned the selfie in the shower, or selfies taken naked in the bathroom as this trend has been showing up with a rather off putting result, surprisingly in this day and age of anything goes. It is good to know that there is still some restraint. The main focus of Skout on instagram is to share chatting, interacting online, and a way to get to know others in the world or locally. The features are to be for the user and “not them” who supplies general location information and not specifics, a strict management of that community, while peers regulate the rules going forward.

What is meant by ‘intended for you, not them,’ is that there are two communities. One is for teenagers and the other is for adults. They are separated for age-appropriate interaction. No adults will be permitted to communicate with teens and vice versa. The general location rules means no specific details are required so that contact is limited to general area information. This gives each member the choice of whether they are to reveal any specifics or not. The only personal information allowed is age and gender for profiles that are exchanged when there are winks.

The strict rules in place for community management is an obsession with Skout. Keeping things safe is a key to the success of this app. There is a staff that constantly monitors the community. The tolerance is ZERO for inappropriate behavior, such as posting naked selfies in the bathroom. Each month, Skout bans over 40,000 devices based on violations of these strict rules. One fourth of the entire Skout team is dedicated to scouting the community for infractions. Just a few of the rules being enforced are: no minors under age 13 or users making up false identities. No harassing or offensive texts or pictures. There is no soliciting for cash allowed, and fraudulent profiles or registrations are also banned. Any 900 numbers, selling products, or services is prohibited. Spam is also prohibited. No posting of copyrighted materials is allowed. These are just a few of the rules to be followed to keep the Skout experience safe.

Another principle that makes Skout a safer app is the Peer to peer regulation. Skout allows self policing as well to keep the community growing in a healthy way. Self policing provides a robust method of culling inappropriate behavior on the app. Reporting of suspicious interactions such as underage posting is very useful. The management will take action on reports within 12 hours.