Latest asPire Issue Features Joseph Bismark

Posted on September 09, 2015

Joseph Bismark was featured on the latest issue of asPire magazine. This is one of the most important issues that asPire could release because it deals with the spiritual leader and business owner who believes in holistic physical health. One thing that set Bismark apart from other business owners is that he makes sure that his practice matches his preaching. He walks the very path he talks about. As a matter of fact, he makes sure that he is walking it out before he talks about it.

Another thing about Joseph Bismark is his way of life as a Yoga instructor. He does not just teach yoga, it is his way of life. The one thing that makes him a much better yoga master than others is the fact that he continues to learn about it. One does not stop learning when he becomes a master. Being a master is merely reaching the next level of learning. As part of his lesson on yoga, he teaches meditation.

Joseph Bismark began his spiritual journey at the age of 9 when he went to the mountains to become a monk for many years of his childhood. He has learned many different disciplines and spiritual concepts that enrich his life to this day. He plans on sharing those concepts with others in ways that are universal. He applies it to business and experiences huge success for it. Running his business, he is very passionate about making sure the people in his life reach their full potential. He works with his employees, friends and acquaintances in order to bring about enlightenment for them.

One thing this article on has pointed out is that Joseph Bismark believes in total immersion in his activities. One’s mind must be totally on what he is doing. If he has a wandering mind, he can miss out on the lessons and the value of the present moment. Joseph Bismark runs the Qi group which specializes in life improvement. He is a huge influence and he continues to be a big influence in the lives of people and other business owners as well.

Interview with Dr. Daniel Amen on Optimizing Brain Health

Posted on March 17, 2015

As seen on the Yahoo Health Podcast, Dr. Amen is an expert on brain health and a best selling author who founded Amen Clinics. Lewis Howes interviews him on a podcast called “Protect Your Brain, Reverse Injury, and Overcome Disorders with Dr. Daniel Amen”.

Dr. Amen started as an x-ray technician in the army. Later, when mental illness affected his personal life, he realized you need to scan people’s brains to make a diagnosis. He has now built the world’s largest database of brain scans which have given detailed insight into mental illness.

He observed that poor eating habits can leave a person fat, depressed and feeble minded. And lack of sleep can shrink your brain and hurt your mental capabilities.

Dr. Amen is on a mission to create “brain warriors” who take their brain health seriously and then carry the message all over the world.

The brain has an incredible ability to heal but you have to develop three essential traits. Brain envy (the desire to have a healthier brain), avoid what hurts the brain, and do what helps your brain. Get all the information in the full podcast.

One of the best tools he recommends is using mediation and deep breathing. While many people think that meditation calms the brain, he says that it causes the brain to “light up”. Dr. Daniel Amen has researched how breathing and meditation can change people’s brain scans and help the brain recover from injury and damage.