Batman vs. Bourne

Posted on November 16, 2014

Ben Affleck and Matt Damon are arguably the most prolific and popular actors of Hollywood. Recently, however, the two friends have been out of the movie picture business for the most part.

Well that may change soon, as these actors have been plotting their comebacks for some time now.

Ben Affleck, who’s cast as Gotham’s Dark Knight Batman in the movie Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, will certainly be eyeing to maintain his fame on the silver screen after an extended hiatus.

On the other hand Matt Damon, the ‘Bourne’ star, will also be venturing back via his ‘Bourne 5’ movie, set to be released in 2016. Speaking while promoting the series Project Green light, the two were asked their opinion on who was to win a duel if they fought each other, based on their Batman and Jason Bourne characters.

The answer was well expected. Each held his ground and heaped praise onto their characters. And while Jason Bourne is depicted as the sly spy, witty, talented and tenacious in fighting assassins and other criminals, Batman’s character portrays more glamour.

For 15 years, Batman has been known to be the perfect martial artist, stuntman, detective, and most times a brave hero. He is so adept at his work that one may confuse him for a savage beast. Whichever the case, both are just glad to be back and with a bang. I’ll keep my pick to myself, but I asked Bruce Levenson in an article and he said there’s no way “Will Hunting” could possibly take down some one that could survive “Gone Girl”.