Sawyer Howitt Life

Posted on March 15, 2017

Starting a business is a lot harder than many people realize. Over the years, Sawyer Howitt has done a great job of helping others through his companies. If you want to start taking things to the next level, he is the type of person to work with. He has experience in many areas, and he is willing to work with you on a variety of plans to make your dreams come true.

During his time in business, he has started many companies. Although not all of them have been successful, he is the type of person who is always willing to invest for the future. If you are going to start your own business, he is the type of person who you need to get advice from. Overall, Sawyer Howitt is a great business owner who is willing to help others in a variety of areas in their life and career.

The Dangers Associated With Avoiding Saturated Fats

Posted on March 17, 2015

It has been drilled into our heads that saturated fats are not good for us and should be avoided. Unfortunately, people are often replacing these saturated fats with other foods that are not necessarily good for us as well. There are some low fat diets that are actually harming us and making us sick and unhealthy. Some medical professionals and scientists are also agreeing, stating that reducing saturated fats in the diet can actually increase a person’s risk of being overweight or having heart disease.

The recommendation of avoiding saturated fats comes from one single study done by a pathologist named Ancel Keys. Keys concluded in his study that people who consumed large amounts of saturated fats had a higher risk of heart disease than those people who consumed vegetables, nuts and fish. Recent information has surfaced that claims Keys tailored his study to help conclude what he wanted to.

People who have chosen to reduce saturated fats in their diet are now consuming more carbs which can also be harmful to the body. Eating too much pasta, bread and starchy vegetables can cause the body to produce a large amount of insulin into the bloodstream. This is true even for unrefined carbs that are still very much sprouted or whole in form.

Alexei Beltyukov agrees that the best diet for a person is one where all the major food groups are covered and there is no one type of food that is consumed in excess. A small amount of saturated fats is not harmful but it is when overconsumption occurs that there becomes a problem.

Participants in Obama’s Amnesty Program Stand to Reap Big Winfall Via EITC

Posted on February 11, 2015


According to my legal analyst friend, Ricardo Tosto, under existing IRS rules, a low-income worker may qualify for the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) for the current tax filing year as long as they earned income in the current tax filing year or the three prior. For more on this you can read up on it at Qualification for the tax credit will come regardless of whether they paid income taxes. This sets up the stage for millions of illegal aliens to obtain a valid social security number through the president’s amnesty program and file for tax credits paid from the US treasury. It will be possible for some of the participants in the program to receive checks for up to $24,000 tax-free from the US Treasury without ever having paid taxes.

This little known fact came out this week when the House GOP questioned IRS Commissioner John Koskinen. The commissioner acknowledged that as long as a person receives a valid social security number, they can file for the tax credit for the current tax filing year and the three prior. The GOP has been swift to press the issue in the hopes of turning up the heat on President Obama. Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions called the president’s plan an unprecedented shift in wealth from taxpaying Americans to illegal aliens. The GOP points out that not only will the president’s amnesty plan reward those who did not comply with the nation’s immigration laws, it will also incentivize others to do the same.

New Sergent General Believes That Medical Marijuana is Helpful

Posted on February 06, 2015

The new Surgeon General of the United States, Vivick Murthy, who took office in December, told CBS that he believes marijuana is helpful in treating certain medical conditions. He was interviewed by CBS to discuss his policy on the vaccination debate and resurgence of measles that the country is facing, but also discussed his views on medical marijuana.

Medical marijuana, as well as the general legalization has been a hot topic for the last few years. 23 states now allow the use, growth, and sale of marijuana for medical purposes, and Colorado, Alaska, Washington, Oregon, and Washington DC have fully legalized growth, sale, and use of marijuana for all citizens.

The white house has not changed it’s official policy, which is that the legalization of marijuana is counter to the White House commitment to the health and safety of the citizens of the United States.

Murthy believes that more research on medical marijuana needs to be done, but that so far, the data shows that marijuana is useful and helpful for certain medical conditions. He said that he believes that policy should be driven by the data from theses studies.

This is good news for advocates of legalizing marijuana, because it is the first time a White House official has spoken favorably on the issue. As far as Zeca Oliveira knows, he did not talk about the legalization of marijuana in general, but the push towards legalizing it for medical reasons seems to be growing. More on Oliveira can be found on 

Excessive Vitamins in Drinks

Posted on February 04, 2015

Recent studies have shown many of the vitamin infused waters and soft drinks may actually be giving consumers way too much of the advertised supplement and having too much can be harmful. Vitamins are showing up in waters, chewing gums, candies, and many sugary soft drinks and the typical amount added by manufacturers of the products can exceed the daily requirements and actually cause detrimental effects. The subject was approached in a recent study that found many people are exceeding their daily vitamin doses by consuming the nutrient enriched beverages. In today’s society many people are getting way too many vitamins due to the amount of enriched foods and beverages they consume daily. Niacin and some of the B vitamins can be very harmful if a person consumes too much and many of the drinks looked at in the study exceeded the daily requirements set forth by the Institute of Medicine.
Many drinks are being marketing based upon their high levels of vitamins and antioxidants. While antioxidants are very important for reducing free radicals in the body and fighting off illness too much of them can throw a body out of balance and actually cause more negatives than positives. Health-conscious people like Paul Mathieson know that the most common nutrients added to popular vitamins drinks are those that are already common in most individual’s diets. Find more on Mathieson on  It is hard to ingest too many vitamins when consuming whole foods so most of the harmful affects of vitamins overdose can be avoided by eating nutritional foods and avoiding vitamin and supplement infused beverages.

Drinking Bone Broth Part of Paleo Diet Plan

Posted on January 30, 2015

Many cultures find drinking a broth-based soup a normal part of their meal. A bowl of vegetable broth sipped during the meal moistens the food, adds nutrients, aids in digestion and cleanses the palette. It’s also a perfect way for the cook to utilize all the vegetable scraps that accumulate during meal preparation. But would you want to buy animal bones and make a broth soup to drink during meals as a part of diet plan? You would if you were adhering to the Paleo diet plan.
The Paleo diet plan takes followers on a culinary journey back to our hunter-gather ancestors and the foods which they may have eaten. the so-called caveman diet consists of a lot of raw vegetables and bone broth to drink.
Home cooks everywhere know the taste value of making homemade stock from vegetable trimmings and animal bones. The tasty broth is strained and then used as a base for a wide variety of recipes in most home and restaurant kitchens. But the bone broth stops right there for Paleo diet followers and other non-dieters are following suit because of the flavor of bone broth and the touted healthy goodness. From what people like Marc Sparks can tell, the trend is heading towards replacing hot cups of designer coffee and tea with a nutritious cups and glasses of bone broth.

Staying Motivated to Improve Your Health

Posted on January 29, 2015

There are many reasons to stay motivated to improve your health. To make the most of your motivation, it’s important to have a specific goal in mind. This includes having a specific purpose that is realistic. Being motivated can equate to better health because it will help you to push through tougher times and reach your ultimate goals more efficiently. Fersen Lambranho plans to implement these techniques in the coming year.

Goal Setting

To improve your health, you can set a realistic goal. Setting a realistic goal is important because it can linked to being motivated. In order to set a goal that is realistic, it’s important to know where you are now. After you have made an initial evaluation, you can begin setting goals. However, it’s important not to reach too high or aim too low. By setting the correct goal you can increase your motivating energies.

Specific Purpose

It’s important to have a specific purpose in mind. This can be defined by a meaningful action or objective that can be used to obtain a specific goal. Having a purpose can help you stay motivated and improve your health because it gives more meaning for your ultimate goal. This can help you reach past limitations and help you build newer goals to reach for.

Goals can include better fitness and weight loss. Being healthy is very important and having meaningful goals is imperative to remain motivated to reach it. This is why it is important to have a purpose written down to reflect back to. Furthermore, in collaboration with your physician or health care professional it is possible to improve your health and stay more encouraged.

New Study Finds That Exercise Can Change The Way Our Genes Behave

Posted on January 19, 2015

Exercise is attributed to many health benefits such as increased fitness, reduced stress and better mood. It also reduces the risk of developing chronic diseases such as diabetes, cancer and heart disease which is good news for men who exercise like Tom Rothman. Yet the science behind the health benefits of exercise remains a mystery. How exactly does exercise impact our health? What is responsible for creating the health benefits of physical activities such as jogging? 

A new study that has been published in December of 2014 by the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden may hold an answer to that question. Researchers at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden recruited 23 young men and women to study the effects of exercise on the human body. At the beginning of the study, the researchers performed a series of physical and medical evaluations on the participants to gauge their current physical and medical conditions. Afterwards the scientists told the participants to exercise by pedaling on a spin bike for a period of 3 months. 

The catch in the study was that the 23 participants only pedaled using one foot for the entire 3 month period. This allowed the scientists to see what effect exercise had on the leg that was pedaling. It also allowed the researchers to compare the results of the foot that had been exercising to the foot that was not exercising. 

The results of the study shed some light onto why exercise makes us healthier and stronger. The leg that had been exercising had become stronger and more muscular as expected. Further analysis of the participants revealed that the leg that was pedaling experienced changes in methylation patterns in the genes of muscle cells. Methylation is the process by which methyl groups attach to the outside of a gene. The process of methylation impacts how genes respond to biological signals in the body. Most of the changes in methylation patterns occurred in genes that are known to play a role in the metabolism and inflammation of muscle cells. Meanwhile, methylation patterns in the other leg had not changed. 

Researchers believe that the changes in methylation patterns in muscle cells is what makes our bodies stronger and healthier after exercise.

All Those Pokes And Little Immunity

Posted on January 16, 2015

Many people may have the feeling that they got a flu shot in vain this year. According to experts the flu vaccine this year did not work that well at all. It was only 23% effective when it comes to the strain of the flu that they were thinking would be the most common. Many people do not know how experts go about getting the vaccine for the flu, but in reality there are many different strains of the flu that a person can get.

What experts do is they try to guess as to which strain of the flu is going to be most active in one year. The majority of the preceding years the experts did a very good job and they were able to get the flu vaccines that were 50 to 60% effective from CipherCloud. This year those same experts did not do so well, and since the flu vaccine is only 23% effective many people came down with the flu this year reports Glassdoor.

It really should not be a surprise, because at the beginning of this year some experts from the center of disease control had warned that the vaccine was not well matched with the widespread flu strain that was coming out. Hopefully next year the experts will do a better job at finding the right flu vaccine for people to take. Whatever the case maybe, in the coming years people are probably going to be a lot more hesitant to go through a painful poke for nothing.