Perry Mandera: Influences To His Success

Posted on May 16, 2018

The Custom Companies, Inc, is a full-service logistics and transportation company based in Illinois that was originally founded in 1986 by a man known as Perry Mandera. The Custom Companies, Inc, utilizes a diverse array of applications in order to create a personalized, hands-on approach to satisfying the logistics needs of potential clients. Perry Mandera continues to serve as the company’s chief executive officer today and has been working in the transportation industry for a period of over 40 years (Slideshare).

During his life, Perry Mandera has been nominated for numerous accolades and awards including a nomination for the top 100 American transportation executives of the millennium by the Illinois Transportation Association. He first began his career by serving the country as a member of the Armed Forces. He was a Marine, and during his time as a Marine, he was in charge of logistics for his troops and supplies. During his experience as a Marine, Perry was able to first-hand see the importance of the logistics and the effect that a proper logistics company can have on an organization. Upon retiring from his armed services career continued to serve the public by becoming a politician and was elected as one of the youngest Republican committeemen in the city of Chicago.

Perry Mandera continues to have a significant influence on the lives of those around him as he pursues various philanthropic endeavors. Perry has created a charitable organization known as Custom Cares Charities which emphasizes making a difference in the lives of children.

When asked what the largest influences in his life have been to make him the man that he is today Perry Mandera believes that experience itself has played one of the largest roles. He has had a long career and believes that any individual who has a career that is very long will run into mistakes. It is the way that we respond to these mistakes that makes us grow, however. By learning from your mistakes over a period of time, you will grow and become someone that people recognize as being very wise. He believes that it is important for individuals to show gratitude as you are only as good as the people that you surround yourself with.