Athleisure Wear Saves the Day

Posted on April 26, 2016

Imagine you are running late for work one morning. You have no time to think about an acceptable outfit that will be stylish as well as comfortable. You don’t have time to look put together. You don’t have time to prepare a gym bag to go work out later in the day. Well, I have a secret to help with this very common inconvenience! The answer is athleisure wear!

Athleisure wear is great because it is really just wearing stylish workout clothes to work. According to an article on InStyle (, there is a very big desire for athletic and leisure clothing that is made with quality and looks good. Companies are now beginning to create fashion pieces that are made out of the same material as workout clothing. Doing this, allows you can be comfortable all day and even squeeze a workout into a cramped day. Doesn’t being able to throw on some stylish yoga pants to go to work and work out later in the day sound so much easier than scrambling to get everything together in five minutes?

There is one brand I believe is worth mentioning when it comes to athleisure wear. The brand, created by Kate Hudson, is called Fabletics. The brand was created in order to inspire women to stay active in whatever way possible.

They desire to create fashionable work out clothing so women can feel stylish and comfortable while working out. According to a Wikipedia article, Fabletics has recently released a line of dresses that are made from the same athletic material.

The dresses are fashionable enough to wear out for a night on the town. All of the clothing at Fabletics is very affordable, comfortable, and stylish! – get more from JustFab

Fabletics works in a subscription like manner. Buyers can be VIP members in which they buy the first whole outfit for only twenty-five dollars and following that the rest of their outfits will be fifty percent off. Fabletics is a great company to purchase athleisure wear from and help with your hectic, rushed mornings.