Paul Mampilly Shares his Story and Secrets about Investing in Wall Street

Posted on June 27, 2019

Paul Mampilly is one of many investment gurus working for Banyan Hill Publishing. A former mogul on Wall Street known for his management of hedge funds, Mampilly made a lot of top level companies a lot of money. Now as a Banyan Hill guru he makes many mid-level investors a lot of money. In a recent interview with, the former winner of the “World’s Best” hedge fund and writer of Profits Unlimited, discussed his journey and plans for the future.

According to Paul Mampilly his decision to leave Wall Street had to do with a desire to help everyone. “Wall Street is geared more for the elite,” Mampilly explained, “My newsletter helps regular Americans invest.” Profit’s Unlimited provides readers with actionable stock information. It is not geared toward get rich initiatives but instead provides solid investments to help readers find financial security. Mampilly strives hard to create bankable advice. He relays the information in ways that aid investors in successfully navigating the market. Read more with this topic on:

One thing Paul Mampilly says he does not miss is the pressure of Wall Street. Since retiring the anaylst has found providing investment advice is much easier then running a hedge fund. “The experience of trading on Wall Street I will never forget,” Mampilly states, “And I will look back with no regrets.” Taking into account his stellar record there is certainly nothing to regret.

Paul Mampilly also disclosed the secret of his investment advice. The guru focuses on all the ways that he could be wrong when looking at an opportunity. According to him it is about approaching an investment from every angle and avoiding having a singular focus. Mampilly looks at the trends in the market to follow where the money may or may not be going. For him it is all about following basic principles and be ready to change. The market is unruly and adjustment is key.