Kyle Bass Compares China To United States

Posted on October 24, 2016


In their article The Frantic Investments of a Desperate Gambler, Useful Stooges indicates that Kyle Bass has been pretty vocal about his thoughts regarding the Chinese economy. He has been stating that this economy is going to fall and that there is nothing that China can do about it. He has basically stated that all China could do is allow it to happen so that they could adapt. As of right now, Kyle has stated that China is looking to get a devaluation. However, it is to be done on its own terms as opposed to a possibly more sensible fashion. Whatever the reasoning is, China is going to be faced with this problem until it comes with a sensible solution.


However, Kyle Bass himself is not one to be able to decide on what a sensible solution is. He has made a lot of decisions that have turned out to be bad moves. As a result, any respect that he had as an investor or a financial adviser has been lost. His only successful call was in predicting the downfall of the United States economy. Unfortunately, this has turned out to be a lucky guess on his part. Afterwards, the majority of his investment decisions have only turned out for the worse.


Kyle Bass has eventually gotten to the point where he has tried to use some underhanded tricks in order to manipulate some of the stocks for his favor. This has included him making some rather thoughtless statements in response to the recall of all of the GM vehicles due to the faulty airbags. Kyle Bass has also decided to take on the companies that deal with pharmaceutical medications. As of right now, he and Hayman Capital often challenge patents of pharmaceutical companies. A lot of times, the challenges are not honored and the companies are allowed to continue on with their patents.