Jason Hope Talks about His Entrepreneurial Journey

Posted on November 07, 2017

Jason Hope is a well-known skilled futurist who understands and loves technology. Jason uses his knowledge of the internet to watch the trends in the industry then make predictions of technology. He believes that the Internet of Things (IoT) may be a significant player in the future society because several devices are becoming connected devices.

Jason grew up in Tempe though he was born in Arizona. He earned his degree in finance from Arizona State University. He also received an MBA from ASU’s W.P Carey School of Business.

During a recent interview with ideamensch, Jason noted that he understands how difficult it is for entrepreneurs and young students to get business ideas off the ground. He further pointed out that most young minds have great ideas, but they don’t save money enough to kick off due to the state of the economy. Jason said that he takes business ideas via his official site then cherry picks the most fantastic idea. He also noted that the future of technology is based on the amazing ideas that the young aspiring entrepreneurs will design.

Jason said that he starts his typical day by taking a healthy breakfast and doing some exercises to keep his body fit and healthy. He added that he checks his messages, emails, and social media accounts daily. However, Hope is quick to note that he maintains composure by taking breaks often from his computer. When asked how he brings ideas to life, Hope said that he avoids over-complicated ideas by keeping it simple. He also communicates his ideas with other people who are close to him so that he can get feedback from them. Besides, he works on every project or task a step at a time.

Jason said that the Internet of Things is one trend that excites him. He added that the Internet of Things is becoming viable, something that excites the futurist. Hope was optimistic that every home in the developed world would soon depend on the Internet of Things to connect devices. Hope says that IoT has devices that can adjust and monitor room temperature and adjust lighting using sensors. Some IoT devices also monitor fitness and biometric, and that is where the technology aims at changing the society.

Hope said that one of his habits that have made him a successful entrepreneur is the fact that he has a great long-term vision for his ideas. He notes that he does not doubt any of his philanthropic and entrepreneurial projects. Jason advises the young generation to focus on the greater picture rather than the small details.

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Jason Hope Uses Experience to Help Bolster IoT

Posted on September 15, 2017

The Internet of Things is the idea that all of your devices, objects in your home and basic needs can be connected on one simple network. It is like the Internet coming to life, and it is something Jason Hope worked hard on so he could help people out with all of the needs they had. He experienced different things from different people so he tried his best to show them what they were able to get no matter what was going on. Jason Hope did everything he could to make things easier on people and it paid off in the end because of how popular IoT has become. It was not something that just happened quickly. Instead, it happened over a period of time and continued to be a positive thing for different people. Jason Hope knew that when he started to work on the IoT so he tried his best to show people what they could get out of these situations.

Since the IoT has grown and has gotten more popular, it has been a better opportunity for people to try things. It has also been something that people will learn about in their own industry. For Jason Hope to try different things, he knows what he is going to do and how he is going to experience all of the best things in his own life. He also knows what he can do to make things better for people who are in different situations.

As the IoT has gotten larger, it has started to offer even more options for people. Now, people can be completely connected and can stay connected because of all of the devices that are available with the IoT. Jason Hope knew this would happen and is now grateful that he invested in the IoT because he sees that it is going to continue to be a positive thing for all of the people who use it. He also knows it will be a profitable opportunity as things continue to grow within the industry that he is a part of.

Jason Hope knows the right way to be an entrepreneur and has managed to do different things for the people who are in those situations. He knows what he can do and knows that things will get better for those who use the IoT. Jason Hope continues to help people out with the IoT. He also helps it improve by donating money to the research that will help it to change. He wants to see improvements to the IoT. He hopes that one day everyone will be able to be connected with all of the devices and objects that they have in their own homes.

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Jason Hope Helps People Get More Information On

Posted on June 30, 2017

Jason Hope has been working as an Internet-based entrepreneur for many years. He has come a long way since he first started and is now focused on the Internet of Things. For anyone who is unaware of what the Internet of Things is, it is the connection between “real-life” objects that are all put together within a network. It is something that has made life more convenient for many people and something that has made life much better than what it was in the past. Everyone who is a part of the Internet of Things knows how much easier it is to use things that are connected on a network and with other devices. For example, an Internet of Things could be made up of household appliances, light switches, family vehicles and cell phones. When all of these items get put together, they can operate seamlessly.

Since Jason Hope has been working with the Internet of Things and innovations that are associated with it, he has learned about all of the different types of waste that appliances and other things cause. The Internet of Things has made this waste far reduced and has made things easier for other people to be able to get more out of them. There are many things that the Internet of Things possible and people who use it know that the options are nearly limitless so that people can try new things with them and get more out of the options that they have available to them. If you want to visit his Facebook page : Click Here.

Throughout time, there have been many new best options that are included with the Internet and technology. This is something that has given people the chance to get more out of their experiences and out of the convenience that they have. Thanks to the Internet of Things and developments by Jason Hope has come up with, people can now do things that are convenient. When they use the technology that is available to them, it makes things easier, safer and more secure. It also allows them to have full control over the things that their devices are able to do.

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Can Facebook Cost You Your Career?

Posted on November 23, 2015

Facebook is one of the biggest and well-known social media platforms used across the world by both individuals and companies. It connects families and friends, enables you to share your life via pictures, comments and videos. However the amount of time you can spend on Facebook might be costing you your career.

Regardless of how private you think your settings are, comments and posts can be found by your co-workers or boss and lead to some serious consequences. Getting into heated debates about things such as politics can be detrimental as well. Negative arguments can leave you in a foul mood which in turn disrupts your productivity, and if you’re friends with your co-workers it can sink into your work relationships. If you have one Facebook page where you interact with friends, family and co-workers it may completely disintegrate the fine line between work and personal life. Separating these two may help, but if you’re on Facebook constantly at work then it might be best to download apps that stop you from using social media.

Darius Fisher, co-founder of Status Labs, has made a career out of online reputation management. He has stated that your likes and comments on Facebook appear public and can hinder people’s online reputation especially since employer’s have begun searching the internet before hiring new employees. Status Labs is a well-known and respected firm in the PR field by knowing every nook and cranny of the internet and how negative media spreads through the web. By utilizing their knowledge, they have assisted a multitude of clients in repairing the negative presence following them online.

They’ve helped politicians, political figures, CEO’s and Fortune 500 companies maintain and build up a positive presence online which nowadays is more important than ever. Their team of experts have a variety of techniques to revise online reputations, one major tactic is flooding Google search results with positive information. Social media is not a bad thing, as long as you’re smart about it. As long as you manage your online presence carefully, social media shouldn’t get in the way of your career.

Status Labs Comes to the Rescue of Those with Reputation Troubles

Posted on November 05, 2015

Status Labs provides a solution for those who have experienced some rather unpleasant publicity. In the glory of the internet age, first impressions are now based on what people see in the search engine results. Soon after an inquisitive person looks up a person or a business’ name in Google, whatever opinions they develop are going to be based on what the results show.

The results may end up being extremely unflattering and, honestly, might not truly be indicative of the character or real reputation of a person or business. Instead, the results focus on some controversy or trouble the individual or company got into at some point.

There are ways to navigate these troubled online reputation waters. Status Labs, based in Austin, TX, could help correct the situation and set things straight. Through the combination of a careful reputation management, public relations, and marketing campaign, Status Labs has the ability to shift focus away from negativity and controversy and, instead, direct attention towards things that are positive. A blog or social media presence heralding all the charitable and philanthropic endeavors of a person would be created. Businesses would find reviews produced that focus on all the positive things the company offers.

And then there are preventive steps. Darius Fisher once pointed out executives rarely have personal websites built. Their social media presence is limited if barely existent. So, when problems arise, only the “bad things” end up appearing in the social media results. By creating a solid, positive online presence long before any controversies arise, the impact of reputation damage can be minimalized. Then, any follow-up work that is required (and it will be required) is not working on an empty internet landscape.

Status Labs is based out of the Austin, TX metropolitan area and also houses offices in New York City and San Paulo, Brazil. Status Labs does have a track record for delivering results. The firm has provided successful provided improvements to the internet presence of 1,500 clients in well over 35 countries.

The number of clients continues to grow as more people become aware of the company. Recently, the company provided special help to those who suffered in the wake of the Ashley Madison dating site hack fiasco. No matter what type of situation or crisis arises, Status Labs should be able to advise, counsel, and help.