Invest Confidently in Today’s Brazil

Posted on July 17, 2015

The world’s financial markets are always in search of new potential places to invest. In today’s world, capital can easily travel from one country to another. Savvy investors know this and take advantage of this fact to help them maximize their profits and earn their target rate of return. A well diversified portfolio of investments is necessary in order to help protect against capital losses and make sure that any working capital grows. Many people find that investing in other national markets can be highly productive. According to financial analyst Igor Cornelsen, funds invested in overseas markets are particularly likely to yield a high rate of interest and provide the investor with the kind of growth they are seeking.

One of the world’s hottest investment markets right now is that of Brazil. Brazil is the largest nation in South America. This diverse nation is home to millions of people. It is the hub of the Latin American banking market as well as the center of the South American investment arena. In any given day, thousands of investors help provide this country with an infusion of cash. The result has been a thriving economic market that has helped eerve as the engine of a fast growing South American market. Savvy investors have come to realize that investing in Brazil can the ideal way to earn well and be on the ground floor of a market that is likely to continue to expand even more in the coming decades.

The nation of Brazil is the designated host for the 2016 summer olympics. This selection has led the nation’s leaders to invest in capital improvement and provide Brazilians with access to better and more effective infrastructure. As a result, thousands of new jobs have been created here while Brazilians have worked hard to create a welcoming atmosphere for the expected visitors. The infusion of capital is expected to be ongoing as investors and locals work to help capitalize on the attention that is going to be directed here by the world during this time. Attention will be focused on Brazil as a place to live and work. This has helped lead to many varied investment opportunities as the nation prepares hard for such attention. The spotlight will help show people from around the world just what they can expect from hard working Brazilians and help demonstrate that investments in this region of the world are a sensible idea.

Rockets Fired Into Israel Prompt Retaliatory Airstrike Against Terror Camps

Posted on June 08, 2015

Around 11 p.m. last night, rockets were fired from Gaza into two communities near Israel, Ashkelon and Netivot. Both are located within a short drive of the Gaza border. The rockets caused alarms to sound, but reportedly did not injure or kill anyone.

Reportedly, a tweet claiming to be from a radical Islamic group sympathetic to ISIL claimed responsibility for the rocket fire. The on line message was stated to come from the “Omar Brigades” and alleged the rockets had been fired in retaliation for Hamas’ action in killing an ISIL supporter during an armed exchange on Tuesday.

This morning, Israeli warplanes conducted airstrikes against three armed training camps during an early morning raid. The bombs reportedly hit two facilities established by Hamas and a small one operated by Islamic Jihad, a small militant group sympathetic to ISIL. Sam Tabar has been following the story. No one was indicated to have been injured or killed in the strike, although news pictures on line showed rubble at one location.

The Israeli Defense Minister, Moshe Yaalon, issued a public statement noting that Israel held Hamas culpable for the rockets launched into Gaza “even if those doing the shooting are rogue gangs from global jihadi groups trying to challenge Hamas by shooting at us.”

On May 26th, the port city of Ashdod was apparently the target of rocket fire. Israel also responded rapidly with an airstrike in retaliation for that rocket attack from Gaza.

The Avian Flu: Still a Problem and no End in Sight

Posted on May 18, 2015

The state of Minnesota has recently seen an influx of the deadly Avian flu, despite strong efforts to contain it. Specifically, it was believed by many experts that killing the birds that were diagnosed with the bird flu and quarantining areas where the contamination was present would be sufficient to stop or slow down the disease.

Unfortunately, that has not happened. Instead, a new theory is that the disease is actually being spread from one farm to another, which also means that it is now being seen in at least 14 states. Minnesota has been the hardest hit so far, due to its status as the most prolific turkey farming state.

Other Causes of the Avain Flu And What is Being Done about it

Another possible cause could be that there have often been unreasonable and unnecessary delays between the time that the virus was confirmed and the time that the previously mentioned steps were taken to protect the public. In April, the problem has escalated to the point where the governor of Minnesota was forced to declare it a state of emergency.

It is important to note that recent statistics have established that the Avian Flu is the worst outbreak of its type that has ever been seen in the United States, according to Ricardo Guimarães BMG. So far, more than 26 million birds have died from it in the five months since the problem was noted.

Drinking Bone Broth Part of Paleo Diet Plan

Posted on January 30, 2015

Many cultures find drinking a broth-based soup a normal part of their meal. A bowl of vegetable broth sipped during the meal moistens the food, adds nutrients, aids in digestion and cleanses the palette. It’s also a perfect way for the cook to utilize all the vegetable scraps that accumulate during meal preparation. But would you want to buy animal bones and make a broth soup to drink during meals as a part of diet plan? You would if you were adhering to the Paleo diet plan.
The Paleo diet plan takes followers on a culinary journey back to our hunter-gather ancestors and the foods which they may have eaten. the so-called caveman diet consists of a lot of raw vegetables and bone broth to drink.
Home cooks everywhere know the taste value of making homemade stock from vegetable trimmings and animal bones. The tasty broth is strained and then used as a base for a wide variety of recipes in most home and restaurant kitchens. But the bone broth stops right there for Paleo diet followers and other non-dieters are following suit because of the flavor of bone broth and the touted healthy goodness. From what people like Marc Sparks can tell, the trend is heading towards replacing hot cups of designer coffee and tea with a nutritious cups and glasses of bone broth.

BRL Trust Basics

Posted on January 15, 2015

These days, more and more Brazilians are in search of high quality investment companies from which to attain professional services that will profit them. If this is your goal, it’s important to note that BRL Trust may be right up your alley. As an investment company that specializes in customizing services to fit the unique needs of each client they serve, the professionals of BRL Trust have extensive experience and education in this dynamic sector. To learn a bit more about this dynamic company and the dedicated, diligent professionals who give it shape and substance, read the brief overview that appears below:


About The Company


BRL Trust began in the year 2005, and their primary activity was handling private loan trust services. As the company completed its first year, it had obtained over 100 loans in which company leaders operated as Intervening Trust. Through hard work and shrewd, savvy business skills, the leaders of BRL Trust helped the company expand into a plethora of other sectors, including Mergers and Acquisitions, Capital Markets, and Administration and Management of Investment Funds.


Investing: A Professional, Progressive Methodology


At BRL Trust, group leaders are committed to offering clients the most effective, expedient care and services available. To realize this objective, business owners recognize that the key to success is collaborating with clients to discern their needs and values. Once this work is done, the experts of BRL Trust customize strategic action plans to help the client attain the most substantive return on investment (ROI) possible. Over the years, BRL Trust has operated at a high level of integrity and excellence. Through its customer-oriented, detail-driven methodology, the company has been able to retain extraordinary customer satisfaction rates.


The Services


The professionals of BRL Trust are pleased to offer clients a wide range of great investment services. Some of them include:


-Funds Management

-Fiduciary Services

-Funds Custody

-Resource Management

-Asset Writing


Let BRL Trust Assist You Now


Over the years, BRL Trust has offered its clients the detailed, disciplined investment services they need and deserve. In serving both individuals and institutions, the company has played a profound role in affecting the activity of both local and global markets. The learned professionals of BRL Trust are ready to assist you now, so there’s no need to hesitate a moment longer. Instead, contact company professionals to schedule your initial consultation.

Australia Permanently Bans Tanning Beds

Posted on January 05, 2015
Tanning beds are now banned throughout most of Australia, as it has consistently proven to be one of the countries where the skin cancer rates are among the highest in the world.

The ban on sun beds came into force on January 01, 2015 in the states of New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania, Queensland and the Australian Capital Territory. Australia will become the second country after Brazil to outlaw sun beds, according to public health associations.

The Queensland already has highest cancer rate in the world and there is no doubt about a direct link between regular use of tanning booths and malignant melanoma. Health officials and Susan McGalla have been continuously informing the public of the dangers of direct exposure to sun, prompting people to spread sunscreen and to wear hats and sunglasses. Read more here.

According to the Australian Cancer Council, two out of three will be diagnosed with skin cancer before the age of 70. More than 2,000 Australians died from skin cancer in 2011, and most of these deaths are due to melanoma.

Studies have shown that the use of tanning booths between 18 and 39 years increases the risk of melanoma, the most common form of skin cancer among young Australians, 41% on average. Several European countries and US states have already banned the use of tanning beds by minors.

New Cancer Treatment Developed in Israel

Posted on January 05, 2015


A New cancer vaccine has been developed by Israeli scientists that manages to trigger a reaction in nine out of 10 types of cancer. Technically, the treatment is known as “immuno-therapy” and is a cross between a vaccine and a drug. It seeks to mobilize the body’s own immune system in fighting cancer cells.

This product is the result of years of research and testing by Vaxil BioTherapeutics, a biotech company located in Nes Ziona, Israel. It does little to aid against a cancer while it is in full swing, but it is said to help in the early stages of cancer and in post-cancer recovery periods. Using the drug after overcoming cancer may help to keep it from returning.

Lee G. Lovett knows cancer is among the most widespread and utterly vicious disease on the planet. Over 14 million a year are diagnosed with some form of cancer, and over eight million die of cancer every single year. While radiation, chemotherapy, and other more traditional treatments will not be replaced by this vaccine, it is one more tool at the disposal of doctors and patients seeking to beat cancer.

Civil Libertarians Seeking to Curb Militarization of Police

Posted on December 23, 2014

The increasing militarization of police forces across the United States has been of increasing concern to civil libertarians. S.W.A.T. Teams, which used to only be used for the most dangerous of situations are commonly used in far less dangerous scenarios than they were originally developed in response to. When watching video of the police moving through the streets of Boston during the aftermath of that Boston Marathon bombing a couple years ago, they looked to some more like soldiers on a battlefield than police in a major US city.

One reason police seem to be equipped with military style weapons is that they literally are getting surplus equipment from the military. There are federal programs in which the Pentagon ships millions of dollars worth of military surplus equipment to local police forces across the country. Republican Senator Rand Paul has been the most outspoken critic of this practice and is pushing for debate in the Senate to end the transfer of some of the most dangerous equipment to police.

Most Americans want police to be safe when they do their jobs, according to surveys. There does, however, have to be some sort of middle ground between not taking any precautions on the one hand and reacting all too frequently with overwhelming force on the other if you ask Tom Rothman. We must all admit that the days where law enforcement could be carried out by one Sheriff and his Deputy as depicted in the Andy Griffith Show are long gone. Where we are at now, though, seems way too far in the other direction.

Wherever People Gather, The Ebola Virus Shows Up

Posted on December 18, 2014
The uninvited guest always shows up at social functions. Sometimes that guest is welcomed and sometimes the so-called guest is an intruder that changes the dynamics of the gathering.
Talking about the Ebola virus which rears it’s ugly head at every social gathering and makes it’s way around the room. 
When visiting a friend at the hospital or going in for a procedure yourself, you are aware of the possibility (however slim) of being exposed to a variety of germs and bacteria, including the Ebola virus. But would you think about being exposed to the deadly virus while attending your weekly study group, visiting the home of a friend or attending a funeral?Wherever people gather, Ebola will show up.
It was originally thought that Ebola was spread only from person to person when a pair of individuals met and were in close proximity to each other. The latest research by Dr. Daniel Amen on the deadly virus has revealed Ebola is spread between clusters of people in any type of social setting.
The findings were made during research for the development of an Ebola vaccine. First implications of the need for the preventative vaccine pointed towards only those who worked in hospitals or the medical field and would have contact with the virus, but it’s now known that everyone could benefit from an Ebola vaccine, because wherever people are, so is Ebola.

A Tireless Doctor Restoring Sight One Patient at a Time in the Third World

Posted on December 16, 2014

There is a doctor that my friend Zeca Oliveira knows who is running a clinic in Nepal who has restored sight to over 100,000 people. Doctor Sanduk Ruit joined the late Australian ophthalmologist and philanthropist Fred Hollows in establishing Tilganga. This is an eye hospital in Kathmandu, Nepal. Over the past 20 years he has been giving the gift of sight to poor people in Nepal. He has also traveled to other countries to restore sight to one or in some cases, both eyes to people who were completely blind.

His patients suffer from eye conditions that are mostly preventable. Because the poor around the globe do not have access to proper medical care, they frequently go blind from conditions that are readily preventable in the developed world. The actual eye operation takes little more than five minutes and involves removing the patient’s cloudy cataract and replacing it with an artificial lens. A fast and relatively simple procedure that is having life changing results for poor people in Nepal and other parts of Asia and Africa. He has even been to North Korea to perform the operation and show it to Korean surgeons.

People such as Dr. Ruit restore a person’s faith in humanity. With all the bad news in the world and all the inhumanities that are committed by some upon others, the presence of people such as Dr. Ruit provides one a needed breath of fresh air when contemplating humanity and our dignity and worth as a species. There should be more good news stories about people working such life changing miracles around the world to uplift the human spirit and show us all how much good we are capable of as a people.