Andy Wirth New Chairman of the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board

Posted on July 23, 2015

As reported on Sierra Sun, on July 9, 2015 the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board saw three new board members and one new chairman, no other than the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski resort and Alpine Meadows Andy Wirth, appointed to their new positions. While Wirth has serving numerous Board positions during his career, Jenifer Rose, Lisa Gianoli and Jessica Sferrazza are fist time board members. He will be watching over and guiding over nine board members in total. 

Andy Wirth has been working as a Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board member since he was appointed in 2013. The new chairman has extensive experience when it comes to airline travel, having worked with numerous airlines to increase the amount of flights to skiing resorts in Canada, Utah, and Colorado while also training for his current position. He is already good friends with Jenifer Rose, Lisa Gianoli and Jessica Sferrazza and states that they are all experienced in their field and hard workers. He believes that bringing in new people while keeping a few season veterans is a wise move. New people bring a certain flare and creativity that can be lost after years working the same job. 

Jenifer Rose is the CEO of her own business, It’s My Community Store. The company deals with managing office supplies for business to business interactions. A lot of her company’s revenue is donated to local charities. Rose is also hosts a television show, Plush Life. that discusses regional events and trends. She was appointed board member by the city of Reno.

Lisa Gianoli owns her own firm that focuses on government relations. It handles a wide range of government issues including legislation. Gianoli has been a budget manager and financial analyst for Washoe County for over ten years. She was appointed board member by Washoe County.

Jessica Sferrazza was also appointed board member by the city of Reno around the same time as Rose. She is the founder of a consulting business called JESSCONVLLC. Between 2000 to 2012 she was a member of the Reno City Council. Sferrazza was also a previous Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority and City Council liaison. 

Wirth has already accomplished so much during his time as a Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board member. He has been a liaison between the Reno-Sparks region and Lake Tahoe, representing his company as an unofficial ambassador. Wirth understands that prospering air travel also means a prospering gaming, business, and ski industry, especially in such a regional economy.

How to Edit Articles On Wikipedia

Posted on July 10, 2015

Wikipedia is a well known source online for instant research on just about any subject under the sun. Certainly, most Internet surfers have visited the site at least once. Many people online visit the site several times a day. A large number of those visitors are writers that like to take a shot at writing an article or editing an article on Wikipedia, just like the guys over at GetYourWiki. Perhaps, you are a writer looking for a creative outlet or looking for a way to spread your editing wings. Wikipedia is a great way to get started. Let’s take a closer look.

What You Should Know About Wikipedia
Wikipedia allows anyone to take a shot at editing material on the site. Therefore, a novice writer or an experience writer with several books under their belt could edit or compose articles on the site. Wikipedia likes to rely on independent writers improving the content. In fact, they encourage people visiting the site to edit articles or to add their own articles.

Wikipedia Editing
Visit a page on the site and check out the articles. Wikipedia allows edits in two ways. They allow writers to use the VisualEditor method or wikimarkup. Perhaps, some writers might have difficulty making a choice. Here is something for them to consider. VisualEditor still has beta features. However, it is the perfect choice for those that do not have the time to learn wikimarkup. Wikipedia’s aim is to encourage all new writers to try this method. Thus, making it easier to edit on the site. However, those that have the time to learn, might prefer the wikimarkup method.

Visual Editing
The fact is that most new writers on the site prefer the VisualEditor. However, it is important to not that there are still a few bugs in the feature. The feature uses a rich text editor. Thus, making it similar to composing articles on your computer’s word processing software. It is also important to note that the VisualEditor has a number of limitations. The top limitations include:

  • Slow Process- Editing is a slower process and the pages take much longer to load.
  • Talk Pages – VisualEditor is not able to use that feature.
  • Single Sections – VisualEditor only edits entire pages and not a section on the page.
  • Browser Support – VisualEditor only works with the latest updated browsers. Does not support older browsers or Android browsers.
  • Complex Formatting – This feature is not available.

Use the information and tips included here to edit articles on Wikipedia.