Analyzing Thor Halvorssen’s Contribution in the Global Human Rights Movement

Posted on May 11, 2017

The Global Human rights movement is a sensitive subject across various divides. Politicians are known to exchange words and blows in defense of their views and people. Such a gathering attracts high profile individuals such as Presidents and Ministers of Foreign Affairs. However, the political climate has changed since the emergence of Thor Halvorssen.

The Venezuelan-Norwegian native is known for his diplomatic skills in the attainment of peaceful agreements. His finesse is best portrayed in an interview dated May 14 with Guangcheng, an exiled Chinese dissident. During the discussion, Thor informs Chen about the techniques used in negotiation. When push comes to shove, politicians seek the help of influential individuals such as Christian Bale in negotiating release terms of exiled persons.

Mr Thor has garnered an excellent reputation courtesy of rising popularity in human rights activism. His sole mission is to combat oppressive governments worldwide. He uses various techniques such as advocating for the release of political prisoners and activists from their countries.

The Oslo Freedom Forum attracted 450 guests from 57 nations. Themed the “Davos of Human rights”, the event aims at developing strategies to overthrow oppressive administrations.

Thor credits his unwavering dedication and personality as catalysts for success in this profession. Although he is devoted to serving the needs of the oppressed, he does not hold any political interest in Venezuela. Furthermore, Thor prefers the company of like-minded individuals with a passion for protecting human rights.

Thor Halvorssen’s Background

Halvorssen is a second child in a family of three children. His older brother Edward is a construction contractor in Miami while his younger sister is a Pilates instructor in England. His mother’s family has lived in Venezuela since the 1530s. Thor fluently speaks Portuguese, English, French and Spanish. His father was an aide to President Carlos Rodriguez.

Halvorssen is a human rights attorney and film producer. His New York-based Human Rights Foundation has gained widespread recognition for its liberation efforts. Since inception, his firm has successfully supervised the release of seven inmates of sound mind and submitted vital proof to Truth Commissions.

Who is the Human Rights Foundation?

Posted on February 25, 2016

When the words “human rights” are heard, many people think of the basic rights that humans have as humans. One may think of the right to be treated like a human, instead of tortured and held like an animal. Another person may think of how a government should treat traitors – death penalty is a big no no, and many would rather see traitors put in jail than to death if possible.

Cue the Human Rights Foundation, or the HRF. The Foundation was founded by Thor Halvorssen. Halvorssen has had a past with basic human rights being violated. His father was wrongly, falsely imprisoned by the Venezuelan government. While his father was in jail, he was beaten up and put through horrendous torture. His mother was gunned down in 2004, at a peaceful protest event she participated in. She was a child psychologist.

Halvorssen founded the HRF in 2005. There were many incidents that caused him to pull his resources together to make it happen. The tipping point was his mother’s shooting. While she wasn’t killed, she was hurt in the incident. It didn’t help that his uncle was missing, taken by the government, around the same time. It simply wasn’t fair.

The Human Rights Foundation fights for basic human rights of everyone. One example of their work is protesting a Nicki Minaj concert in Angola – a country where the leaders have used abuse and torture to keep their reign, and have exploited the country all around to make their fortune. While Minaj did not abandon her concert, she was well aware of why the Human Rights Foundation was against her concert there.

Overall, there is so much to protect. The Human Rights Foundation is only trying to help everyone as best they can. They protect the freedom of speech, expression, religion, and other rights. Many are not guaranteed by other countries, but many are guaranteed in the United States of America. Check out Thor’s YouTube channel for videos and other information. He is also a known film producer: IMDB.

George Soros the Democrat and Human Rights Activist

Posted on January 12, 2016

George Soros is known worldwide for his writings in political and social themes. He was born and raised in Budapest, Hungary, in the era of rebellion. Soros decided to flee Hungary to the United Kingdom in search of better opportunity and a place to nurture his talents.

Soros is the man behind great investments and foundations across the world. Having attended the prestigious London school of Economics, he has an excellent understanding of administration, economy, and finance. 1952, Soros ventured into in investment banking.
In the subsequent years, Soros established several bank investments in the US, and he relocated to New York. Here, his career kicked off. He established relations with prestigious firms namely: Wertheim and Co, Arnhold and S. Bleichroeder, and F. M. New York, Mr. Soros made a career and found fulfillment.

In the mid-1970s, with his vast knowledge and years of experience, he decided to build his business empire. He established Soros Hedge Fund Management. The firm under the leadership of George earned him lots of revenue. With funds from investors who trusted him, Soros made a billion in dollars in more than two twenty years. Soros made a cash hypothesis on the British pound in 1992 earning him $1 billion in a day.

Soros is not only one of the best investment bankers in the world but also a human rights activist. He takes advantage of his extensive links to advocate for social and political change. He has taken upon himself to set up societies to function and encourage people to be critical thinkers. The open societies Foundations are spread in over a hundred states across the continents.
Through the Foundations, Soros advocates for the universal message of peace, truth, accountability and transparency. The foundations operate on a regional level. Mr. Soros gives thousands of scholarships to needy students across the world. He believes education brings about ideological change.

Recently, George Soros condemned Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump and his compatriot Ted Cruz for invoking terror. According to George, terror groups such as ISIS have been cornered. They are currently operating on the run and will eventually collapse. Soros maintains that such groups have been weakened as evidenced by their declining influence in the Middle East. Click here for more information.

Soros has also voiced concerns over ongoing international conflicts and refugee crisis. He has had issues with various publications on the same. Soros has faulted inter-governmental organizations such as United Nations for failure to work in the line of their formation. He advises and advocates for the creation of practical long-term solutions and strategies to manage the crisis in Ukraine, Syria and Russia.
Other vices that Soros condemns include the increasing oppression of refugees that seek help in other countries and continents. Soros has earned respect and admiration from many people such as Kofi Annan and Bono, the musician. George Soros believes that much can be done to change the undesirable human behaviors through education and free thinking.