Sam Boraie Transforming Lives Through His Work

Posted on January 24, 2017

Boraie Development is a family real estate company founded thirty years ago in New Jersey, with a goal to develop property and manage them. the company’s green thumb is its ability to work with smart and talented architects and financial institutions to make sure that the company’s projects are finished on time and conform to the specifications of the clients. the company has established a reputation for itself and is sought after by investors and clients in the region. Through their work, they hope to change the city and improve the citizens’ living standards.

Sam Boraie is the company’s vice president. Together with his father Omar Boraie, he has undertaken challenging projects within the city and ensured that the company pulls them off. Through his vision on the city’s transformation he hopes that investors will be attracted and business people will have an inspiration to use the buildings to start businesses and create employment in the city. Together with his team, they are currently working on Aspire, a rental tower within New Brunswick that according to a article, will solve the problem of housing for businesses.

Sam is known for his visionary type of leadership. He sees the future and comes up with ways that which can help the people around him. He chooses his projects wisely, those that can help the city change lives and bring alleviate the economy of the city. He has spearheaded projects that have attracted celebrities to the city with the intention of investing and improving the states of the city. The most recent project involved bringing Shaquille O’Neill back in the city.

Having lived in New Brunswick and seen the struggles of people with no employment and education Sam is committed to changing the way things have been taking place. He is on the advisory board of Elijah’s Promise, a not for profit organization that is fighting to end hunger and poverty in New Brunswick. The NY Times says through his work at Boraie Development, he has a strong conviction that he will help the city get rid of hunger by bringing investors in and empowering people to start businesses. He also supports arts and entertainment industry through supporting the State Theater as a trustee board member.

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