Handy Comes In Handy

Posted on October 21, 2016

Taking a page out of the on-demand services playbook, Handy an online cleaning and home service booking service continues to outshine expectations and its competitors. The company connects household chores with the on demand gig economy to provide a variety of fast and reliable services consumers can request with ease. Although Handy’s most popular service is home cleaning, it also provides a range of home repair services, moving services, and even furniture assembly. The continually growing company handles both ends of the supply and demand business. Handy hires, vets, and does quality assurance on all of its workers to provide reliable services. In return, Handy provide transparency in pricing and flexibility in work schedules for their workers. Recent updates to Handy’s website and mobile application have made it easier and more user-friendly to find and book your cleaning service or any other type of home service. Handy is also continuing to expand into new cities with the help of acquiring other established businesses in the area. And as onthesceneny.com revealed, with continuing growth through expansion of services and new funding sources along with the weakening competition, Handy, although already fairly established as a start-up, still has room for growth. The constant need for home services along with the increase in popularity of the gig economy provides a positive outlook for the business and its investors. The increase in Handy’s investment for a quality experience for the customer experience emphasizes to their consumers that it is handy to have Handy.