Little Known Facts Of The Herbalife Company

Posted on July 24, 2018

The Herbalife company can be remembered by the vehicle decals that are seen all over the country. This company is known for its herbal remedies and drink that promise to heal and help people that wish to take a more natural approach to nutrition. However, there are a few little known facts about this health company with a healthy approach to life.


  1. Herbalife sprouted from out of the trunk of a car


Yes, the multi-billion dollar company has humble beginnings. Can you believe that this incredibly successful company started out as a weight management product being sold out of the trunk of a car? That’s right. Mark Hughes began selling the original Herbalife product out of the trunk of his car in February of 1980. The inspiration for creating such a product came from his desire to help his mother overcome his mother’s weight loss concerns. His mother Joanne had an unhealthy approach to weight loss at the time and experienced a premature death because of it.


  1. The Herbalife website offers helpful health and wellness tips


If you were to go to the Herbalife website you would see what all the hype is about. Their homepage shows a list of articles that includes subjects such as fitness, health, and even social tips. One such article describes 3 tips that can help you be more fit while increasing your social skills. Herbalife has taken another step forward in providing beneficial information along with their increasingly helpful health products.


  1. Herbalife is a worldwide company


Although Herbalife started out in someone’s trunk, this company is now pushing its product in several different countries around the world. In 1988, Herbalife spread its wings and expanded to the countries Japan, New Zealand, Spain, Israel, and Mexico. Doing this allowed them to increase their worldwide sales to a whopping $191 million in 1991. The company was later able to reach out to 32 countries all over the world in 1996. These international sales were able to account for more than half of their total sales. An impressive number for any business at any scale.


  1. Herbalife products aid in stress reduction


Sharing valuable information has become increasingly easy because of the evolution of technology. This has allowed many people to become highly aware of the detrimental effects of stress on the brain and the body. Many might be aware of the serious adverse effects that stress can have on your mood, and your productivity. Herbalife has created products that help with the reduction of stress to improve people’s health and allow them to experience a life without the detrimental effects of stress. Many of the products that Herbalife offers are supplements that help you relax.




Herbalife has come a long way since the simple and humble inception of its original product. It is now a company that has assets valued at over $2 billion dollars. A definite success. There is a reason for the company’s unprecedented success and the proof is in the product.

Herbalife Nutrition, A Sports Nutrition Company

Posted on July 06, 2018

Herbalife Nutrition operates a global provider of healthy nutrients for the body. The company’s purpose it to make the world a better place by creating and providing healthier alternatives. Since 1980, the company has served customers with nutritional products and programs that have changed lives. The company works with independent distributors that wholesale the products. Together, they both are committed to offering customers the utmost solutions to their dietary and nutritional needs. Their products help customers with aging issues, obesity and are always affordable to combat the extremely expensive healthcare customers to have to pay for. Their products are very good in quality. Company operated factories produce the products. They facilitate direct one on one guidance with the independent distributors. They also have a community of customers who can receive support on their journey to healthier living.


Herbalife Nutrition has a set of programs dedicated to aiding customers into becoming more heathy. Their programs include a nutrition plan that is targeted around the customer’s goals, managing weight goals and offering products that help a patient’s fitness, energy and personal care needs. The distributors are located in nearly 100 countries and can assist customers with any of these programs and products. Distributors do have a social responsibility by supporting the Herbalife Family Foundation to help children live healthier lives. The foundation also is a sponsor of many athletes and sports teams.


Herbalife recently announced that they signed Jonathan dos Santos an LA Galaxy midfielder and Mexican National Team member to a deal to be an Herbalife sports nutrition partner. This sponsorship deal is a multi-year contract extending all the way through 2021. The company is thrilled to have Jonathan apart of the Herbalife family of professional athletes. Johnathan was selected by the company because of his dedication to making the world a place of health and happiness for all. That aligns perfectly with the Herbalife mission.


This sponsorship includes Johnathan being apart of Herbalife’s community initiative to bring education to communities needing to learn more about sports nutrition. This partnership also includes Johnathan being apart of marketing efforts for Herbalife. Johnathan is not just a sponsored athlete for the company but an actual customer. He starts his day with Herbalife products to keep him healthy, hydrated and competitive for his sports career.