Elysium Health Offers Solution for Cellular Health

Posted on April 30, 2018

Many people want to stay healthy. Now, there is an innovative new supplement designed to  support the health of every cell in your body. The supplement, developed by Elysium Health, is based on more than a quarter-century of aging research.

First of all, why is cellular health important? Many people are focused on the health of their heart, brain, or bones. However, the one thing that most people overlook is that every part of the body is made up of cells.

Elysium Health has introduced their new cellular health supplement known as Basis. The supplement works by increasing and sustaining the coenzyme found in every cell known as NAD+. This coenzyme is essential to the cellular functions such as DNA health, circadian rhythms, and energy creation. As we age, our levels of NAD+ decline.

In a clinical trial for Basis conducted in 2016, participants who took the recommended dose of Basis over the course of several weeks saw their levels of NAD+ increase by an average of 40 percent.

Elysium Health is a consumer health company co-founded by  Dr. Leonard Guarente. He serves as the director of the Paul F. Glenn Center for Biology of Aging Research at MIT. Elysium’s  goal is to create clinically-validated health products based on scientific and technological advancements.

Basis is available for sale on Elysium Health’s website for just $60 for an individual bottle, that is just $2 a day based on the recommended dose. Subscribe to the popular six-month program and you can reduce that cost to just $1.50 per day. A one-year subscription will bring that cost down to $1.32 a day.


Carbs Versus Protein

Posted on June 01, 2015

When you are looking to be lean and healthy most would tell you that you need to have more protein in your diet. For a long time it has been believed that protein is good and that carbohydrates are bad. Everyone has been telling you that you need to cut back on the carbohydrates that you consume and crank up the protein. Now, new research suggests that those original thoughts might not be so right after all.

A study done on mice shows that healthy carbs may be more important to a body than protein. NexPointAdvisors even says this research suggests that the consumption of healthy carbs could be good for a body, and that you might need more carbs than you do protein. It seems that carbs may be good for a person when they are the right kind, and one might not really need as much protein as was originally thought.