Capital Anesthesiology Association knocks the lights out of surgical pain

Posted on December 06, 2016

The Capitol Anesthesiology Association is an Austin-based group of physicians, nurses and technicians who are dedicated to providing patients with the highest quality surgical pain management available. CAA is recognized by national organizations, including the Anesthesia Quality Institute for consistently providing top-tier service. And all CAA members are certified by the American Board of Anesthesiology.

Going under the knife can be a nerve wracking experience. With a CAA member physician, you can rest assured that you will not experience unnecessary pain or anxiety before, during or after your surgery. With over 80 physicians and 130 CRNA’s, Capitol Anesthesiology Associates can provide the right team of specialists for whatever medical challenge the day brings.

CAA member physicians practice at all Level One Trauma Centers across Austin as well as most acute care hospitals and many outpatient medical centers. CAA members also represent most specialties including obstetrics, pediatrics and cardio-thoracic disciplines.

What is anesthesiology?

The word anesthesia is a Greek portmanteau which means “no feeling”. Some people mistakenly believe the term to mean the drugs used. In fact, anesthesia is simply the state of not being able to perceive feeling. General anesthesia, or total unconsciousness, is desirable for major surgeries such as open heart surgery. Local anesthesia, such as that used for tooth extraction, is commonly used for more minor procedures. But the end goal is always the same – to minimize the acute pain and distress caused by medical procedures.

Anesthesia, even for minor procedures, should always be administered by a licensed physician. For more information please consult CAA at

The Importance of Getting High Quality Health Insurance

Posted on June 17, 2016

Health insurance is very important to have. However, not just any policy is going to be good for the client. People, especially seniors need the best care that they can get. Otherwise, they may find themselves in a bad situation when it comes to their health and finances. Fortunately, InnovaCare Health is one offers high quality health insurance. Among the high quality health insurance policies that it offers is Medicare Advantage. This is a little different from Original Medicare in that there are different costs and restrictions. For one thing, the patient that already has Original Medicare is still going to have to pay the premiums as well as the services offered by Medicare Advantage.

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InnovaCare is one place to look for Medicare Advantage. The healthcare providers of InnovaCare make sure that not only one’s physical health is taken care of, but also his mental and emotional health. The comprehensive care that seniors receive from InnovaCare make them glad that they chose the services that are offered by this health care provider. InnovaCare stands out in that the staff cares about the patients. Therefore, patients can trust that they will receive the best care.

InnovaCare has a satisfaction rate of 99%. The care that they provide has been encouraged by the leadership of Rick Shinto, MBA, M.D. President and CEO of InnovaCare, and Penelope Kokkinides, Chief Administrative Officer. They have the expertise and the care needed to provide their services to the patients. InnovaCare has the experience needed for high quality health care provision according to Penelope Kokkinides. Their philosophy is that the patient comes before anything else. They also want to provide medical care that is effective for their patients. When the patient is satisfied, then the service providers of InnovaCare are satisfied. For this reason, more people are opting for Medicare Advantage plans that are offered by InnovaCare. 

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Nobilis Health Corp: A Highly Developed Healthcare Facility

Posted on October 25, 2015

A healthcare facility marketing and management firm, Nobilis Health Corp, announced that it gained a $25 million financing facility debt with Healthcare Financial Services, GE Capital. This facility is going to be used to encourage Nobilis’ efforts of growth, enable a new revolutionary line for working repay and capital certain of the existing remarkable indebtedness of the company, which includes the $12 million note of the seller that is related to the acquisition of Nobilis of Athas Health in early December 2014.

The CEO of Nobilis Health said that this transaction profitably completes one of the Nobilis’ early goals in 2015; particularly the reduction in their mediocre borrowing costs as well as streamlining their capital structure. In addition to that, they believe that their new relationship with the GE Capital will be able to provide another catalyst for Nobilis’ foreseen growth throughout the end of 2015 and after that.

Al Aria, Senior Managing Director of Corporate Finance at GE Capital, Healthcare Financial Services said that their specialty is enabling other healthcare associations with flexible programs that will help their customers develop their associations, as is the case with Nobilis Health Corp. He also said that they looked forward to encouraging their strategies of growth further in the future.

The funding of the $25 million association, which was closed on March 31 this year, contains a $20 million loan and a $5 million revolutionary loan at LIBOR+4%, as correlated to its current typical borrowing cost of nearly 9.6%.

Something about the GE Capital, Healthcare Financial Services

GE Capital’s Healthcare Financial Services (HFS) business is the most effective capital provider in the U.S. market of healthcare, which provided more than $10.5 billion in the financing in more than 240 businesses in 2014.

For the fifth successive year, HFS has become the No. 1 lead planner for all the financings which is under $500 million in U.S. healthcare finance (this is based on the number and volume of transactions that are completed).

Customers in more than 45 healthcare districts —which include hospitals, senior housing, medical offices, outpatient services, medical and pharmaceuticals devices — depend on HFS for the financial producement, fund growth initiatives, uphold refinance existing debt, and working capital commitments. With the in-depth industry expertise and knowledge, the HFS group of highly educated professionals brings financial solutions to problems made to meet the needs of individuals and the customers.

Something about the Nobilis Health Corp

Nobilis makes use of inventive direct-to-patient kind of marketing which is focused on a particular set of procedures that are performed by the physician of the area at their centers. They own and administer acute and ambulatory care accommodations to enable healthcare services.
Nobilis manages and owns various concerns at ambulatory surgery centers in all the important places such as Dallas, Houston, and Scottsdale, Arizona. To add to this, Nobilis is a proud owner of one sharp care hospital in one of the best surgery centers in Houston.
Nobilis also manages and owns interests in one urgent care clinic in Houston and two conceive centers.