New Normal In Office Sharing

Posted on May 17, 2016

Real estate is a business that is critical to the life blood of a city. In office spaces, the same could be said in the quality of the traditional work space. The same idea has persisted for decades. Not much has changed since the lonely desk, a typewriter and limited real estate for the worker. There’s a new player on the block. It’s not that new actually. It’s coworking. Sharing the space with your coworkers in an environment that is more like an immersive, creative, bustling commons area you may find in a college atmosphere. Creating and sharing ideas with your coworkers not only sparks conversation but also boosts the brand and morale. Companies such as Google and Rackspace are knocking down the cubicle walls and bringing the team together to reinvent the workplace. Much of this new wave of sharing space in the work place can be attributed to the 15th century in Italy. As seen in the article from, “The Innovative Coworking Spaces of 15th-Century Italy”, Renaissance workshops of the time had an open space where talents could learn new techniques from each other.

This industry is booming, but where can you get the space and location to convert your space from dusty old cubicles to an open and breathing work space? One coworking space in NYC already has their finger on the pulse, Workville.

Workville is located in the heart of New York City and offer a luxurious setting to spend your work time. Options are open to all sorts of different work atmospheres. Keeping the workplace diverse with dedicated desks, open floor work spaces and brainstorming areas could be the key to a brand new working experience. The founders own the building in which Workville operates. This provides a firm root in the real estate market. No need to worry about moving locations more than once. Workville understands that networking is more than just social networking online. Networking is more useful when you’re with your coworkers fostering dialogue on projects. Located up high 21 floor in a beautiful building on Broadway, Workville is designed to make your work environment more like a 5 star hotel.