To be unique – Halloween edition

Posted on October 31, 2015

Every year I struggle to to find the best and the most unique costume for Halloween. But, as we all know, the costume is just a half of this story. The other, maybe even more important part is the makeup.
The right makeup can transform an old costume into new one. It can make your ordinary clothes seem so different, so much more. Have an old torn shirt? Why not be a zombie? Have a nice little summer dress? Why not be a princess? It`s all in the make-up.
So, here are a few ideas.
Primer! Never do anything without a primer. It will make your makeup last longer, and, more importantly, preserve your skin. Make it ready for your favorite foundation.
Start as you usually do, primer, foundation, concealed, powder. And then we get to the fun part.
For a real princess look, I recommend glitter.
Take a vibrant blue eye shadow and apply it on your eyelid above the crease. The best one for this part is aqua Cancer, from the Zodiac Signs collection) made by Lime Crime.
Next step is to take a violet, and swipe the brush from the outer comer of our lid to the crease. For this I recommend violet Libra. Use blending brush to make smoky look.
Now use a pink on the outer corners of your eyes. Make sure you only use a little so the violet can be seen. Best glitter pink is Sagittarius.
Last step is to use highlight just beneath your eyebrows, and the princess is ready for the ball.
The Snow Queen
The Queen has come right from the story to your doorstep.
For this, you will need Lime Crime’s Quill black and Reason white eyeliner, Virgo white glitter eye shadow and a white mascara.
This one you can put on however you like. I recommend putting some eye shadow on the outer sides of tour eyes toward your temples. And white mascara looks great beneath the eyes.
If you want to add a darker look to the Snow Queen, a black Stiletto from Lime Crime products on Amazon is a good choice.
Make someone`s dreams come true by becoming a fairy.
For this one you will need Aries, Cancer and Sagittarius eye shadow, Quill eyeliner and Snowsickle gloss. For a full look, you may add a Parfait Day nail polish.
Start by putting on a pink eye shadow on your lids right up to the crease. Then on the outer parts of your eyes put a blue eye shadow. This you may put as you like. You can make a curvy line, a circle, butterfly wings or dots to make your makeup more creative and unique. Add a mascara of your choice. It can be of any color you see fitting, blue, green, pink. For the last touch put some Aries eye shadow spiraling down from your eyes on your cheeks to add that magic look.
Now just wait for that nail polish to dry and you are ready and set to go out and spread your joy like a magic dust.