Green Tea Extract Plus Exercise May Slow Alzheimer’s Disease

Posted on May 06, 2015

Researchers have now discovered that the extract from green tea, in combination with exercise, slows the progression of Alzheimer’s Disease in lab mice. In some instances it has even reversed the effects of the disease. The tests involved situations such as remembering the way out of a maze and the ability to build a nest, given the proper materials. Mice that have displayed symptoms of Alzheimer’s tend to build sloppy and poorly built nests, suggesting that they no longer remembered how or no longer cared about appropriate nesting.

These mice were given EGCG, the compound found in green tea, and exercise wheels. After having the tests re-administered, the mice made great improvements in their abilities to do these simple tasks. LinkedIn even suggests that later, the brain tissue of the mice was tested and was found to contain a decreased level of amyloid-beta peptide or A-Beta. A-Beta has been shown to cause a build up of amyloid plaques clumping together in the brain in Alzheimer’s patients.