Steadfast Foundation of IC Systems

Posted on May 15, 2018

IC Systems, located in St. Paul Minnesota, has a positive impact in their community not only by providing jobs for people but also giving back to the community through charitable actions such as Toys for Tots and The Ronald McDonald House Charities. The company was founded in 1938 by Ruth and Jack Erickson who have passed down their wisdom and culture through three generations, emphasizing on honest service to their customers that is still prominent to this day. These factors from the root of their company have lead into their core values of people, integrity, performance, pride, and innovation.

These principles are evident in the work of the company that they do on a daily basis. IC systems place a high importance on putting the customers first by treating them with dignity and respect. This plays into the company’s values of integrity providing ethical collections for their customers in all levels of the management cycle. The performance level of these collections exceeds their competitors increasing customer trust. They take pride in their ability to find innovations to better serve their clients.

IC systems’ outstanding performance would not be possible without their employees. The company focuses on keeping them happy to later turn around and provide excellent services to their customers. One of the aspects that employees are the happiest about is the ability to have a flexible work schedule. This proceeds well for those that may request overtime hours or cannot work full time. The management, within the company, is family oriented in which they get along well with employees and are willing to listen to any concerns they may have. As a small business, IC Systems also allows low experienced workers to gain experience and further their opportunities in moving up to higher positions both within the company or at a new business (Linkedin).