Find the Right New York City Apartments For Your Lifestyle

Posted on July 15, 2015

New York has a lot of property. There is something that for just about anyone that plans to move there. People just have to find out what type of apartment space they are interested in. It all starts with finding the right real estate company.

This is where TOWN Real Estate comes in. This is one of the NYC real estate companies that provides a wide range of apartment options. The company has upscale apartments with contemporary designs. There are also brownstones and condos that have great views of the city. It all just depends on what the apartment hunter that comes to New York is interested in. There are a plethora of options in Soho, for example, that are part of the upscale living environments for those that love Manhattan. This is the lower side of Manhattan and it is a booming environments with boutiques, restaurants and a bevy of quaint living spaces.

There are also some great apartments for New York City residents in Tribeca. This is another neighborhood in the lower Manhattan area. There are some million dollar lofts here for those that can afford this type of upscale living. Many of these contemporary lofts were once historic buildings. These restaurants in this area are world renown and even the celebrities are interested in finding a home in this area.

West Village is a popular area in NYC that is called home by a lots of young people. It is not uncommon to find restaurants and boutiques that are all within walking distance. It is one of those NYC neighborhoods that is favored by a lot of the youth because there are bars and an assortment of different restaurants that are close by. It has become one of those areas in NYC that has a restaurants like Amy’s Bread for people on a budget and boutiques like Albertine and Aedes de Venustas for those who are not. These boutiques boast some of the best luxury fragrances.

On the Upper East Side there are apartments in low rise buildings that have marble bathrooms, hardwood floors and semi-private balconies. There are studio apartments that may be good for singles, but there are also bigger apartment rental spots for people that are accustomed to a lot more space.

Chelsea has some of the luxury apartments that are in the skyscraper buildings. The people that take interest in these apartments are the people that look for a lot of amenities. There are games rooms, fitness centers and saunas in these buildings. The rent in these apartments may be much more than some of the other NYC properties, but it is the price of luxury that residents are willing to pay for.