TJ Maloney’s Expertise and Experience Plays a Key Role in Helping Lincolnshire Management Stay a Step Ahead In the Industry

Posted on August 07, 2019

Lincolnshire Management has indeed proven to be one of the top companies in the investments industry across the globe. The company has invested heavily in multiple sectors of the economy like manufacturing, distribution and delivery of services. The company has also acquired numerous companies since its inception in 1986. Lincolnshire Management focuses mainly on middle-market companies. This is because the team firmly believes that it possesses the right expertise to grow these firms into titans in the market. As of 2017 Lincolnshire was reported to be managing over $1 billion of private equity capital. This clearly shows that Lincolnshire management is a force to reckon with in the investment and acquisitions industry.

One of the vital things that make Lincolnshire soar high is the fact that it is endowed with capable leaders who are always three steps ahead of their rivals in the market. TJ Maloney is one of the visionary leaders at Lincolnshire, making sure the company is on the right track and always meets its goals. TJ Maloney is the firm’s Chief Executive Officer (C.E.O). TJ Maloney has worked in the business scene for decades, and his ability to scale businesses has earned him recognition across the globe. In 2007, for instance, TJ Maloney bagged the Richard J Bennett Memorial Award. Richard J Bennett award is a prize given to top executives in a bid to recognize their efforts in business and their display of moral standards. Following his impressive track record and performance at Lincolnshire Management, it is clear that TJ Maloney is one of the world’s top executives.

TJ Maloney works hand in hand with the President of Lincolnshire Management, Michael Lyons. Mr. Lyons has vast experience in operations, senior management and finance having worked in renowned companies in the industry. PricewaterhouseCoopers is an example of the firms Michael Lyons has served. Michael Lyons has had an incredible tenure at Lincolnshire Management ever since he joined the company. He has been able to negotiate and seal deals with numerous corporations like; National Pen, Wabash, PADI, among others.

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Q and A with attorney Todd Levine

Posted on July 29, 2019

Todd Levine is a lawyer who represents many different kinds of clients such as investors, brokers, contractors, and more. Levine is regarded as the founding member of his own practice named Kluger, Kaplan, Silverman, Katzen & Levine. There is another dimension to the individual, although, as he enjoys both art and science. In fact, he is a musician who believes that it gives him another edge above other attorneys. Todd Levine attended both the University of Florida for his bachelors in Finance and Florida Levin College of Law for his law degree. The attorney has won awards for his work such as placing in US News and World Report for last year and being noticed by various publications in Florida Trend Magazine, Super Lawyers Business Review, among many others. The Q & A begins with Todd Levine addressing where the idea to form his own law firm came from as he states it arrived from noticing his skills in litigation and gaining more clients through experience. The attorney reflects that each day can be different for him: whether he is at trial, meeting with clients, speaking on the phone, attending meetings, or traveling. He makes note that he likes to use his time wisely and plans ahead. Todd Levine identifies that he brings ideas to life by working rigorously on cases like analyzing the facts and evidence. According to him, being simple is the way to go. One habit that the attorney outlines that really helps him is in being prepared to be able to respond to arguments during a trial and ultimately be able to win cases for the clients. His best advice that he would offer to his younger self is to find the niche and develop in that specific field. Todd Levine speaks about the importance of making outlines and addresses how it helps him out a lot to organize thoughts and bring them together. The lawyer reflects that his business has been able to grow by offering excellent service to customers and being available to answer any concerns/questions. The attorney notes that he learned from his past mistakes with not preparing as well as he could for cases and recounts an experience where he bought his son equipment for the piano. Lastly, Todd Levine recommends the book “The Fountainhead” by author Ayn Rand.


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HGGC Provides Private Equity Advisory

Posted on June 19, 2019

Are you wondering where to find a good investment firms? HGGC can provide you with private equity investment guidance.

Any entrepreneur or investor who is looking for a reliable private equity investment firm should consider the reputation of the firm they have in mind. It is also very important to take into consideration the experience of the financial management or investment advisors at the firm.

HGGC is a well known company and has been providing financial advisory for many years. The company’s professionals are highly knowledgeable and have systems in place to help them cater to individuals and organizations that want to get into the investment field.

Many people understand the need to have an investment portfolio but do not know where to

begin. They search for professionals or firms that can guide them or manage their portfolio and are willing to pay the cost of getting such service.

With so many financial and investment firms and teams out there it can be a difficult

endeavor researching and trying to select the best one for your particular situation. It is a good idea to find a firm that has a proven track record and have a consultation with its team of professionals.

HGGC cares about your success and its advisory service is designed to address the needs of institutions, organizations and individual clients and is a great company to work with.

If you’re interested in private equity investing and are serious about achieving outstanding results in your ventures, it is crucial to choose the team at HGGC. During you meeting or consultation with these experts they will take the time to understand your business or industry and take appropriate steps to provide the services you need.

Investment deals can get complicated and requires the assistance or guidance of a

knowledgeable or experienced team. By having a firm like HGGC by your side, you can be certain that your investment or wealth building venture is in good hands.

This outstanding company has been handling investment transactions for may years and has the tools and industry connections to meet the needs of its clients around the world.