A Writer For Stansberry Research Warns Of A Trade War Possibly Happening

Posted on April 18, 2018

Stansberry Research is a Baltimore, Maryland-based publishing company which specializes in financial investing. It was founded in 1999 and today has additional offices in California, Florida, and Oregon. A recent article they published talked about how the United States is increasingly getting closer to war. The article, written by Justin Brill, starts out talking about Japan and how its central bank is increasingly worried that nation could be entering deflation once again. Policymakers are pulling out the stops, he says, to increase inflation by cutting interest rates even further and taking other measures.

Beyond articles about the dangers of deflation, Stansberry Research covers many other financial topics like investing in healthcare companies, natural resources, corporate bonds, biotech firms, and many others. Information about investing it published in many monthly and bi-monthly newsletters which are offered on a subscription basis. Getting back to the article about the US and Japan, the article questions whether or not the Japanese stock market is now running out of steam or not. He says this isn’t the case at all and still provides a great investment opportunity that investors don’t want to be on the sidelines for.

Stansberry Research was founded by its namesake, Porter Stansberry. He publishes Stansberry’s Investment Advisory. Other publications are True Wealth by Steve Sjuggerud, and Retirement Millionaire by David Eifrig who also regularly has articles in another publication, Daily Wealth. As for the US going to war, Justin Brill was writing about a potential trade war on the horizon. It also started with Donald Trump announcing he was going to put tariffs on steel and aluminum coming into the United States. He announced a 25% tariff on steel and one of 10% on aluminum. Investors thought he wouldn’t go through with this but then Gary Cohn stepped down as Trump’s top economic adviser and now all bets are off (Stansberryresearch).

The article writer says tariffs are not going to return steel or aluminum manufacturing to America because that ship has sailed. He points out that outsourcing isn’t even really the issue because US steel production has fallen by half since 1953 but 80% of the jobs are long gone due to technology.