Lawrence Bender: Academy Award Winning Producer and Documentary Filmmaker

Posted on May 22, 2018

Lawrence Bender is one of the top movie producers of our time. He has earned himself several academy awards for the movies he has chosen to be a part of as well as a slew of nominations. Aside of his mainstream movies, he has also won acclaim for producing and having a large role in the creation of the documentary An Inconvenient Trust. The documentary was truly groundbreaking as it was one of the first documentaries on the horrors of global warming that truly held water and was seen as created with an unbiased view. The documentary focused around proven information and scientific data that shed a bright light on the massive and widespread effects that global warming is having on our world. It also shone a light on the horrors of what could happen if a bigger focus isn’t placed on getting a handle on controlling global warming and, of course, on putting into action concrete laws and actions to stop this damage.

The documentary was a favorite of mine due to the fact that it wasn’t seen as an attack on any one organization, which is how similar global warming documentaries seemed to make a small splash, instead of a longstanding current that really made the issue a focus. Years after its release, the documentary is still being utilized in schools as a learning tool as well as an overall educational tool that is widely referenced. Lawrence Bender took home the Academy Award in the year of its release for Best Documentary Film. This is a very high honor to achieve.

As far as his more mainstream work, some of his major projects include keystone movies such as Django Unchained and Inglorious Bastards. He worked closely with Quentin Tarantino on both Pulp Fiction and Reservoir Dogs. In fact, Reservoir Dogs was actually one of the first major movies that Lawrence Bender played a crucial role in producing.

As far as his personal life, Lawrence Bender hails from both The Bronx and New Jersey. He studied at UofMaine in college before life weaved him into the world of film production, where he has continued to see great success.