Norka Luque’s Life and Career

Posted on August 30, 2016

Norka Luque is a Venezuelan singer that is taking the music industry by storm. The music sensation began her music quest at the young age of four years old. After her parents saw that Norka really had a talent for music they enrolled her in voice lessons, ballet lessons, flamenco dancing, and piano lessons. She has participated in many singing competitions from her youth into adulthood. After graduating from High School Norka moved to France. While in France Norka attended college and earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. In addition to obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree Norka also has degrees in Marketing, Culinary Arts, and Fashion. An interesting fact about Norka is that she remembers important events in her life through songs. Although Norka has always had a talent for music, it was not until she moved back to the United States that she began to seriously pursue a career in music.

After moving back to the United States and taking music lessons, Norka Luque teamed with Emilio Estefan Jr. Estefan has become a mentor for Norka and has helped her pursue her passion to become a musical superstar. Estefan has helped Norka gain popularity as a professional singer, which has always been a lifelong dream of Norka’s. Norka sings about positivity and uplifting topics, something that her audience has grown to love about her. Norma’s message has become a breath of fresh air to many music listeners. In fact, Norka’s song “MILAGRO” has become a big hit in the United States. To increase her popularity and gain notoriety Norka is currently promoting the song with El Cata.

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