Stylish Men’s Shoes

Posted on September 11, 2015

I totally recommend investing in a handful of new pairs of italian shoes this autumn. I can’t, on the other hand, condone buying yet another pair of black color lace-up shoes or boots once you already own 2 or 3. Why don’t you try something totally new? This fall, sleeker soles, rich colors and throwback collegiate designs are making a mark. It’s actually all quite stylish however with a luxe twist which will meet up with your 9-to-5 wardrobe needs. Traditional penny loafers and sportier, much less preppy designs are all over shelves this fall.

Opt for an unanticipated shade like red or cognac perhaps a pair with a bit of other appealing fine detail and put them on with literally everything. Continue to be in front of the trend with professional design and style. A suit and tie combined with the proper shoes will take anyone’s outfit up a level. Even though men’s shoes don’t go through nearly as many dramatic changes as women’s footwear, you can still find refined differences from year to year Whether or not it’s vintage shoes or solid boots, many of us have a favored shoe style — and that’s good.

However for a well-rounded wardrobe, and to ensure you’re geared up for virtually any occurrence, it’s best to possess a variety of shoe styles as part of your closet. Many men I’ve known have a tendency to stick with one type of shoe simply because it’s what they’re most comfortable with. But there’s an enormous, vast whole world of shoes available to select from. Solid-colored leather shoes are classic, for a really great reason. Use quality to vary with the standard, customize your look, and create great depth in your shoes stockpile. You really should own classic hard-bottom shoes in brown and black but when you have those bases covered already, acquire a pair that has a chunkier rubber sole.

I especially love Paul Evans NY as a brand to have as part of any sophisticated men’s footwear collection. Founded by a couple of men in New York City who care about men looking good. They traveled to Italy with a single objective as the primary goal: trendy, comfortable shoes made out of the very best quality materials they could obtain, shipped directly to you. They pick only the very best calfskin leather utilized by the biggest high end companies on the planet. The great thing is your not going to pay thousands of dollars for these shoes, but you will look like you did. Stunning high quality men’s shoes that are designed in New York and made in Naples Italy. I really love their lush red colored penny loafers and their chukka boot.

Plus Sizes Lead to Plus Profits

Posted on April 16, 2015

Traditionally style dictates that beauty comes in sizes less than 10, but today over half of American women are size 14 or above. Plus size clothing has historically been one of the least served clothing groups, but it has one of the largest growing consumer bases in the fashion world. It has been sugested that women who are in plus sizes simply don’t care about how they dress; however, Susan Koger, co founder of says this simply isn’t so.

In a 2010 poll of the Dan Newlin userbase found that there was an overwhelming consensus among plus sized women that the reason they didn’t buy more clothing was that there were not enough plus sized options. Again in 2013 Koger conducted a survey of American women, and found the same results. With that in mind Koger started the task of creating a dedicated plus sized section on her website. In a recent interview with Buisness of Fashion she stated consumers who buy plus sized clothing tend to buy 20% more clothing in each order, and place up to 20% more orders than the average consumer. In addition, plus sized consumers were significantly more likely to share positive news of their purchases on social media. With the number of plus sized consumers continuing to grow year upon year, it only makes sense to cater to what is swiftly becoming the largest part of the fashion market.