The RealReal is Sure Getting Real: Uprise on the Horizon

Posted on March 13, 2018

RealReal is a six year old company based out of San Francisco. Their area of expertise is high-end items for the home, for women, and for men. There has been an exponential growth in their sales since they first started. RealReal has also expanded by opening a store in New York city. Techcrunch mentions the upward rise in funding and gross merchandise, where RealReal is expected to see around $500 million dollars in sales in 2017. The CEO of RealReal talks about why the company is having so much success. Julie Wainwright mentions it is because RealReal aims for the luxury market, and they rope in the consumers who are willing to pay that much for luxury goods. They inspect their products before they are shipped out, in order to make sure that they’re products are matching what luxury goods should be like.

On the website Digiday, they write about RealReal and how “2018 will be the year of the pop-up” for the business of RealReal. These pop-ups have been seen in New York and then SoHo. The purpose of these pop-ups is to increase sales by about six times, when compared to their sales online. These pop-ups increased by also appearing in different places in the United States, like Las Vegas. The aim of these pop-ups is to place them in populated density areas, to increase consumer awareness to the brand. The way people shop online is different than the way they shop in a physical place. That is what the company of RealReal realised, is if they place these pop-ups in cities like LA and Las Vegas, it will help their online sales. These pop-ups were invented to rope in consumers who wouldn’t have come across RealReal in the first place, and to turn them into loyal customers. These pop-ups leave the customers with a real life taste of what the brand of RealReal is like and the quality of the brand, and the service of the brand.

Fabletics: Changing the Market

Posted on January 16, 2018

Change is about of the economy’s nature. Without it, things would stay the same, and the world would lose its passion and drive to excel beyond. Unfortunately, the world is a place where some people don’t see anything with things stopping, as long as they make a lot of money before it does.

That selfish mentality caused consumers to rethink the way they shop. As society integrates more technology into daily lives, online shopping has grown in popularity. Online shopping offers a lot more advantages than in-store shopping. For a start, new customers can research businesses before making any purchases.

As part of the modern consumer’s research process, he or she reads a lot of online reviews. Online reviews come from fellow consumers who’ve already had transactions with that company and have personal experience with a particular product or service. This kind of information is proving invaluable to potential customers.

What this means for businesses is that the power now belongs to the crowd. All of the savvy brands, like Fabletics, are capitalizing on this new consumer behavior. Fabletics, in particular, has developed numerous review-centric marketing strategies since the trend’s become popular. In fact, one of the brand’s parent company’s executives even credits Fabletics’ success to user reviews.

Having customers just like the brand isn’t enough to succeed. Companies need to have enough customers that actually buy. Fabletics not only created a brilliant brand; it’s in a market predicted to double in the next three years. Activewear, as it stands, is a $40 billion market.

Fabletics hoped to cash in on that market before it flooded with all manners of retailers. Fabletics got lucky when it became the first affordable activewear brand. Now, other discounts companies are trying to cash in like Fabletics. Fortunately, they aren’t as clever as Fabletics’ co-founders.

While Fabletics is mostly known for its discount prices, it’s also known for selling on-trend fashion. That subtle difference makes all the difference in the fashion industry. Even though there are now countless competitors, none of them sell on-trend, inspirational fashion at affordable. That honor still belongs to the one-and-only Fabletics.

For those interested in Fabletics, the brand offers numerous ways to find out how they are as a company. One way offers a lifestyle quiz that shows non-members exclusive fashions that fit their particular tastes.

Susan McGalla Gives Advice to Other Women in Power Roles

Posted on May 23, 2017

Susan McGalla is a very powerful woman. She started humble with the Joseph Home Company, but she would move from a company that very little people knew of to a CEO role at a company that was known by millions. It was her time at American Eagle Outfitters that she became one of the most incredible leaders in the corporate industry. People praise her for her skills as a CEO, but they were also equally impressed with the fact that she was a female leader.


Susan is a powerful person that really knows a whole lot about the business industry, and she has given women some very important strategies that they can believe in. She is definitely a fan of higher education, and she believes that getting a higher education will definitely give people an opportunity to advance in their careers. She knows that this is very true for women because there is already lot of competition in a male-dominated industry.


She also believes that there are opportunities for women if they remain confident about their skills. The corporate industry is already filled with glass ceilings, and it makes a lot more sense for women to stay confident about their skills. This is the only thing that will be able to help women sustain themselves any make strides to get to the top.


Susan McGalla has had a lucrative career with American Eagle Outfitters and Wet Seal. She has also worked with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Over the years she has become successful because she has been confident about what she’s doing, and she has provided results.


This is one of the reasons why Susan McGalla is often called upon for conferences to provide advice for women. Ladies want to know how they can get in a position to climb to the top of the corporate ladder, and Susan is obviously one of the best people to listen to. She knows the ropes because she has done what it takes to get to the top. She knows what will work and what will not work so her advice is very important.


Don Ressler and the Emergence of Fabletics

Posted on December 05, 2016

Fabletics came onto the scene in late 2013. This is a division of the Just Fab brand. JustFab covers all aspects of fashion and Fabletics focuses on hip and trendy athletic clothing, Co-founded by Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg. Kate Hudson was brought in as well, and the idea for Fabletics was born.

Don Ressler has been interviewed many times talking about ZoomInfo and the idea behind it. Don and his wife have been athletic all their lives to include presently. Both were athletes in college and spend a good amount of time in athletic clothing. Don Ressler noticed that there was no fitness clothing available that was fashionable. All were very basic and did not do a lot to express anyone’s personality. There were a lot of brands out there, but none were of good quality, fashionable and for sale at a decent price.

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When the business plan for Fabletics was created, it was always the intention to be a fashionable athletic brand. These clothes were always meant to be multipurpose. More and more people are wearing clothing that is comfortable. Yoga pants, athletic tops, and hoodies are just some of the pieces people are wearing more and more. Fabletics wanted to take these pieces and make them trendy and something people would want to wear every day.

When Fabletics began, it was done as an e-commerce company. Everything was done completely online. The website was set up to be easy to use and entirely user-friendly. While they have seen enormous success being based completely online, they know they are not reaching as many customers as they can be. To reach even more customers, Fabletics will soon be available in retail stores across the country. This will be a huge step for Fabletics and help their brand continue to grow.

More and more people are seeing the need to lead a healthy lifestyle and are being proactive to achieve that goal. Every day people are incorporating fitness into their daily routine and Fabletics is helping them to be fashionable while they are improving their health. The athletic gear offered by Fabletics is trendy and easily affordable. It is made for all lifestyles and will be inspirational to lead an active and healthy lifestyle.

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Fabletics: Behind the Scenes with Kate Hudson’s Athletic Line

Posted on August 29, 2016

Women’s fashion has seen many changes over the years. Generally, fashion trends seem to come and go, but there are occasional fads that stick around for the long-haul. Casual athletic wear on is one fashion shift that has completely altered the landscape of traditional fashion rules. This new fad has been termed “athleisure” and its rise is capturing the attention of fashion brands across the globe.

Athleisure trends include clothing items such as yoga pants, stretchy tank tops, and sneakers. The line is designed for style and comfort and is growing in popularity. This sporty look has not always been an acceptable option for women in the past, but the new style is becoming a staple for consumers of all ages and backgrounds. Retailers have been anxious to jump on-board with this fashion craze and markets across the country have opened their own lines to accommodate the demand and keep up with competitors.

Actress and entrepreneur Kate Hudson is also capitalizing on the style’s popularity. With the help of JustFab owners Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler, Hudson launched her own line of athletic wear under the brand name Fabletics.

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The line was originally launched in the e-commerce sector in October of 2013. After less than one year on the market, Yahoo began to branch out onto the international scene. The company achieved sales in France, Spain, Australia, Canada and the Netherlands and quickly gained a following. After the tremendous online success, Hudson and her company have more recently expanded into several brick and mortar stores across the country. In just three years Fabletics has become an internationally recognized value brand and is competing with top fashion chains like Lululemon and Athleta.

Hudson’s brand takes pride in offering clothing that inspires women to stay fit and active. The apparel is created in bright colors and bold prints that evoke confidence and femininity. While fashion and fun is part of the culture at Fabletics there is also an extreme focus on affordability. Finding a price point that allows consumers to obtain quality clothing at an affordable price is imperative to the brand’s success.

Overall, Hudson’s line on Instagram has had a tremendous impact in fashion retail. The company has successfully captured the attention and brand loyalty of women across the globe. The brand’s focus on delivering the perfect mix of fashion, affordability and comfort has enabled them to quickly become one of the most popular athletic brands in the country.

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Fabletics Brings Style back to the Gym

Posted on June 07, 2016

In every choice when it comes to wardrobe selection, girls want to look stylish, even when going to the gym. Often outfits worn to the gym can be too revealing or to big or baggy. As found on The Clothes Maiden women no longer have to feel immodest or out of place when going to the gym thanks to the new line of clothing inspired by co-founder Kate Hudson on^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^author.

Fabletics offer women a comfortable, stylish and affordable choice for active wear. Fabletics provide not only athletic wear for women but also for men too. For first time customers, Fabletics offers the first outfit for only $25 with free shipping.

As a first time customer, you set up a unique shopper profile that offers outfits to match your size and tastes. After you select that first outfit from Fabletics you then have an hour to purchase it for the introductory rate of $25. Customers can also join the VIP club which offers select sales, discounted shipping, and sales of the month.

Wikipedia is now offering the Spring/Summer 2016 line of clothing. As Kate Hudson is passionate about motivating and leading women to live active and healthy lifestyles, the 2016 line reflects that mantra. The Spring/Summer line offers eye catching geo-patterns, monochrome and floral prints that are reflective of the season.

The season style and patters are designed for women in all aspects of active living. Whether training for a triathlon, attending yoga class, or just going shopping, the athletic wear Spring/Summer line will help you feel in style and fit.

One of the most important aspects of Fabletics is the affordability of buying the unique line of clothing. Most name brand active wear is very costly, but Fabletics is affordable made to fit any budget. Between style, fashion, and pricing, Fabletics wants to help every person achieve the Fabletics mantra, “Live your passion!”

Even if you are not going to run a marathon or take part in a triathlon, but instead you just want to feel good and look your best when going for a light jog through your neighborhood, Fabletics has something for you that will match your taste and personality, and not take a huge chunk out of your budget. Create your own shopping profile and see if you can find something that matches your style, or at the least find something unique to wear to the gym.

How to Include Sweaters in Transitional Clothing

Posted on March 20, 2016

Spring may be right around the corner, but there are days that feel like it is still the middle of winter. This unpredictable weather makes choosing the right outfit more complicated because you neither want to dress too warmly nor dress too springy.

One of the best ways to dress properly for varied types of weather is to incorporate sweaters into your outfits. There are many sweater options available that won’t leave your wallet empty. There is a great article at Buzzfeed that gives examples of sweaters that are both cozy and cheap.

Adding a few sweater styles to your wardrobe can help you create stylish and good-looking outfits that are perfect for transitional dressing at this time of year.

Types of sweaters to consider would be a simple pull-over sweater that can be worn layered over a collared shirt, a long cardigan sweater in a neutral color like black or tan to pair with both skirts and pants, and a lightweight sweater to be worn on its own or with a camisole underneath for an extra layer of warmth, if necessary. These three types of sweaters will extend your wardrobe options until the last day of winter finally surrenders to spring.

In addition to a few sweaters, you should also add at least a couple pair of shoes to your wardrobe that are appropriate for both spring, and the last remaining days of winter. JustFab is an online retailer that carries shoes, handbags, jewelry, and much more.

JustFab is a membership site that offers special pricing on merchandise to its members. Once you become a member, merchandise you like and want to purchase will always be offered at up to 50 percent off the normal retail price, and you will earn points toward free royalty items.

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Stylish Men’s Shoes

Posted on September 11, 2015

I totally recommend investing in a handful of new pairs of italian shoes this autumn. I can’t, on the other hand, condone buying yet another pair of black color lace-up shoes or boots once you already own 2 or 3. Why don’t you try something totally new? This fall, sleeker soles, rich colors and throwback collegiate designs are making a mark. It’s actually all quite stylish however with a luxe twist which will meet up with your 9-to-5 wardrobe needs. Traditional penny loafers and sportier, much less preppy designs are all over shelves this fall.

Opt for an unanticipated shade like red or cognac perhaps a pair with a bit of other appealing fine detail and put them on with literally everything. Continue to be in front of the trend with professional design and style. A suit and tie combined with the proper shoes will take anyone’s outfit up a level. Even though men’s shoes don’t go through nearly as many dramatic changes as women’s footwear, you can still find refined differences from year to year Whether or not it’s vintage shoes or solid boots, many of us have a favored shoe style — and that’s good.

However for a well-rounded wardrobe, and to ensure you’re geared up for virtually any occurrence, it’s best to possess a variety of shoe styles as part of your closet. Many men I’ve known have a tendency to stick with one type of shoe simply because it’s what they’re most comfortable with. But there’s an enormous, vast whole world of shoes available to select from. Solid-colored leather shoes are classic, for a really great reason. Use quality to vary with the standard, customize your look, and create great depth in your shoes stockpile. You really should own classic hard-bottom shoes in brown and black but when you have those bases covered already, acquire a pair that has a chunkier rubber sole.

I especially love Paul Evans NY as a brand to have as part of any sophisticated men’s footwear collection. Founded by a couple of men in New York City who care about men looking good. They traveled to Italy with a single objective as the primary goal: trendy, comfortable shoes made out of the very best quality materials they could obtain, shipped directly to you. They pick only the very best calfskin leather utilized by the biggest high end companies on the planet. The great thing is your not going to pay thousands of dollars for these shoes, but you will look like you did. Stunning high quality men’s shoes that are designed in New York and made in Naples Italy. I really love their lush red colored penny loafers and their chukka boot.

Plus Sizes Lead to Plus Profits

Posted on April 16, 2015

Traditionally style dictates that beauty comes in sizes less than 10, but today over half of American women are size 14 or above. Plus size clothing has historically been one of the least served clothing groups, but it has one of the largest growing consumer bases in the fashion world. It has been sugested that women who are in plus sizes simply don’t care about how they dress; however, Susan Koger, co founder of says this simply isn’t so.

In a 2010 poll of the Dan Newlin userbase found that there was an overwhelming consensus among plus sized women that the reason they didn’t buy more clothing was that there were not enough plus sized options. Again in 2013 Koger conducted a survey of American women, and found the same results. With that in mind Koger started the task of creating a dedicated plus sized section on her website. In a recent interview with Buisness of Fashion she stated consumers who buy plus sized clothing tend to buy 20% more clothing in each order, and place up to 20% more orders than the average consumer. In addition, plus sized consumers were significantly more likely to share positive news of their purchases on social media. With the number of plus sized consumers continuing to grow year upon year, it only makes sense to cater to what is swiftly becoming the largest part of the fashion market.