Fabletics: Changing the Market

Posted on January 16, 2018

Change is about of the economy’s nature. Without it, things would stay the same, and the world would lose its passion and drive to excel beyond. Unfortunately, the world is a place where some people don’t see anything with things stopping, as long as they make a lot of money before it does.

That selfish mentality caused consumers to rethink the way they shop. As society integrates more technology into daily lives, online shopping has grown in popularity. Online shopping offers a lot more advantages than in-store shopping. For a start, new customers can research businesses before making any purchases.

As part of the modern consumer’s research process, he or she reads a lot of online reviews. Online reviews come from fellow consumers who’ve already had transactions with that company and have personal experience with a particular product or service. This kind of information is proving invaluable to potential customers.

What this means for businesses is that the power now belongs to the crowd. All of the savvy brands, like Fabletics, are capitalizing on this new consumer behavior. Fabletics, in particular, has developed numerous review-centric marketing strategies since the trend’s become popular. In fact, one of the brand’s parent company’s executives even credits Fabletics’ success to user reviews.

Having customers just like the brand isn’t enough to succeed. Companies need to have enough customers that actually buy. Fabletics not only created a brilliant brand; it’s in a market predicted to double in the next three years. Activewear, as it stands, is a $40 billion market.

Fabletics hoped to cash in on that market before it flooded with all manners of retailers. Fabletics got lucky when it became the first affordable activewear brand. Now, other discounts companies are trying to cash in like Fabletics. Fortunately, they aren’t as clever as Fabletics’ co-founders.

While Fabletics is mostly known for its discount prices, it’s also known for selling on-trend fashion. That subtle difference makes all the difference in the fashion industry. Even though there are now countless competitors, none of them sell on-trend, inspirational fashion at affordable. That honor still belongs to the one-and-only Fabletics.

For those interested in Fabletics, the brand offers numerous ways to find out how they are as a company. One way offers a lifestyle quiz that shows non-members exclusive fashions that fit their particular tastes.

Features of Scandal Velvetine Product by Lime Crime

Posted on September 28, 2017

Lime Crime is a cosmetics brand from Los Angeles, California. It has caught the interest of many, in particular through the internet with a following of over 2.6 million on Instagram. It believes makeup is a form of freedom and self-expression and not just a way to cover up imperfections. It is committed to bringing high performance and innovative formulas to the cosmetic market. It has now released ‘scandal,’ a new edition to its cult-classic line of velvetine. It was a concept by Lime Crime CEO Don Deere. The new edition features the same luxurious and enduring formula of the famous lipstick line of Lime Crime. Unlike other lipstick lines,contains a rich purple-violet hue. Like other products, the scandal is 100% vegan. If you want to live a trendy life, the scandal will be perfect for them.

The company’s CEO explains that Scandal is for girls who have that don’t care attitude and like a punk-rock edge touch and when paired with a bold black liner it makes you outstanding. To bring out the best possible pout, the wearer should wait for 15 minutes before applying lip balm. After that, you should remove excess oils with a tissue. After that Velvetines should be applied directly to the lips. You can use a lip brush to refine the edges. It usually dries to a velvety yet bulletproof finish, which can be removed with oil or waterproof makeup remover at the end of the day. Don Deere says that he loves rocking scandal under the Trip Diamond Crusher as it highlights lips and brings out the undertones of Scandal’s violet.

To rock in this purple-violet hue, one should keep the rest of the makeup minimal because it is a bold color and can stand on its own. You can also dab a gloss touch or pearly white eyeshadow into the center of the lips. Keep your hair casual and mix and match wisely. It is also advisable not to assume that any shade works for her skin tone and the inside of the lips should not be neglected to avoid distracting uncolored patches.