Karl Heideck; The Author And Legal Counselor

Posted on September 06, 2017

Karl Heideck is a civil litigant and legal counselor in matters regarding compliance and risk management. He is thoroughly equipped to help clients running small businesses and big corporate firms. He has had over ten years’ worth of experience working for big and successful law firms like the Conrad O’Brien and the Pepper Hamilton LLP. He mostly helps his clients to figure out the most suitable policies that are in compliance with Pennsylvanian labor and business ordinances. He is also a highly sort after attorney for clients who go to court to resolve civil issues, especially regarding labor disputes. He represents plaintiffs and defendants alike and settles most of his cases outside of court because of his comprehensive mediation skills.

Karl Heideck attended Swarthmore College back in 2003 where he earned his undergraduate degree. He then proceeded to the Temple University where he graduated with honors in the law degree that he studied for at the James E. Beasley School of Law. As an academic performer, the attorney has been doing more than just serve his clients diligently and dutifully, he has furnished the larger population of Pennsylvania with legal tuition which he inculcates in the legal articles he authors for free. One of the articles he writes for the business fraternity of Philadelphia to help them understand Philadelphia’s New Salary History Law Philadelphia’s New Salary History Law was particularly helpful.

In the article, Karl Heideck introduced the law by stating that it was Mayor Jim Kenney who accented the law by appending his signature in early 2017. He explains that the law is meant to bar employers from finding out job applicants’ previous salaries by either asking them or conducting formal research. He further explained that the law was meant to even out wages between the genders and that the law had received legal opposition from the Chamber of Commerce. The attorney explained that the law would even affect business entities that did not directly operate in Philadelphia but had indirect operations in the city. He explained that even though some businesses argued that the law was in breach of their First Amendment rights, they failed to explain how the law disadvantaged them economically or socially.

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How To Become A Litigator Like Karl Heideck

Posted on April 16, 2017

The world of litigation is an interesting world to get into when it comes to a career. You will be at the forefront of various legal cases and may even have the opportunity to see future laws of the land made.

What is Litigation?

Litigation is the process of bringing an issue in front of a judge and potential jury. This can include civil suits and criminal suits. That will all depend on what type of litigator you wish to become. During the litigation process, the litigator will show the court his or her case and present it. He or she will defend the clients as necessary and will bring the case forward. The litigator will help the client to win his or her case as well as they possibly can.

To become a litigator, you will first need to take four years of college and earn a bachelor’s degree in government, economics, history or English. You will then take an exam and go into law school.

Who is Karl Heideck?

Karl Heideck is a prominent attorney in the Greater Philadelphia area where he practices in risk management and compliance practices. Other services Karl Heideck offers are product liability, commercial litigation, legal research, employment law, legal writing and corporate law. Karl Heideck has been practicing in the area for over ten years.

Karl Heideck’s educational background includes four years at the Swarthmore College where he pursued a degree in English and Literature. Karl Heideck then went on to join Tempe University Beasley School of Law where he graduated with honors.

As you can see from Karl Heideck’s information, if you pursue a career in law and work hard, you can quickly become a great attorney with much success in the litigation world.

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