Benefits of Ubuntu Fund by Andrew Rolfe

Posted on July 25, 2017

Andrew Rolfe is the Chairman of the Ubuntu Education Fund. Andrew Rolfe has shown his interests in the educational sector for a long time. His interest in education started during his childhood. Andrew attended the University of Oxford. At the university, Rolfe earned a degree in Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics. After that, Rolfe saw the need for advancing his education. Andrew Rolfe attended the Harvard Business School for his masters in Business Administration.

Later, Andrew Rolfe was satisfied with his achievements in education. Andrew decided to utilize the knowledge he acquired to be a productive member of the society. Andrew thus became the President of The Gap’s International Division. Andrew Rolfe became responsible for the company’s operations in four major countries namely France, Germany, Japan and United Kingdom. The company also put Rolfe in charge of its set strategies to attain international growth.

Being the Ubuntu’s Fund Chairman, Rolfe welcomed the 300 attendees to the music gala performed by a Xhosa choir. Among the attendees were two student beneficiaries of the Ubuntu Fund. During the event, Ubuntu Fund hoped to raise $972,960. The money was meant to benefit the Ubuntu Fund’s school campus located in Port Elizabeth. Also, the raised fund is aimed to create opportunities for the less fortunate children in the local area. The funds will enable underprivileged children to attend schools like others. The children will be given full support until they eventually start their careers.

Andrew Rolfe is also the President of International Division. His activities in the company are reported to the CEO and President of Gap Inc., Paul Pressler. Mr. Rolfe was also appointed to be among the members of the Executive Leadership Team of the company. With time, Andrew has managed to retain the company’s brands globally by providing high customer satisfaction. In 1987, Gap Inc. opened its first store outside the US in London. As of 2003, Gap Inc. runs operations in 261 stores in UK, Germany, France, and Japan.

Before joining Gap Inc., Andrew Rolfe worked at Pret A Manger. Mr. Rolfe was the company’s Chairman. Pret A Manger is based in London. The company dealt with food retailing with operations in Tokyo, UK, Hong Kong and New York. Rolfe’s success is attributed to his global experience.