The Philanthropy of Jason Hope in Supporting Anti-Aging Research Efforts

Posted on May 11, 2018

Health-related issues have plagued the human race for a long time, from infants to the elderly, all have felt the effects of minor ailments to life-threatening diseases. The effects seem to affect individuals severely as they age regardless of their health, life habits or place of origin. It has become acceptable to most people that as they age, their bones become weak, their skin becomes wrinkled and rigid, even losing the vigor and vitality of their youthful days. The elderly suffer decreased quality of life due to diseases such as cancer, osteoporosis, high blood pressure, and arthritis among others.

However, Jason Hope believes the case should not be as it is. He says that, despite the medical field best efforts in treating these conditions, the focus should be on preventing them. Medical professionals have been training and helping patients on how to cope with these diseases a process Jason says should come second after addressing the root causes of these conditions.

To this course, he has supported organizations with efforts linked to reversing or slowing down aging through philanthropy. In 2010, he donated $500,000 to SENS Foundation that avails to the public important biotechnologies which prevent fore-mentioned aging-related diseases, and that counter the aging process. Using as well as studying living organisms in research, SENS Foundation comes up with life-improving products in a bid to transform and treat age-related diseases.

SENS Foundation approach to aging is extensive, and Jason Hope praised them for funding other institutions such as Yale, Harvard, and Cambridge in similar research efforts. Moreover, they engage politicians and influential people in outreach efforts on aging.

SENS chief medical officer Aubrey de Grey said Jason Hope’s donation will go towards the development of AGE-breakers medications. Advanced glycation end-products are the ones that cause the veins and the skin to be rigid causing high blood pressure after they accumulate in the flesh. Eliminating them would reverse the aging process. SENS Foundation has identified glucosepane as the main glycation end-product that causes aging and related health conditions.

Scientists can reverse aging, is a firm conviction that Jason Hope has. His concern for aging goes to helping Leukemia and Lymphoma Society with donations for people with age-related conditions. After university, Jason Hope pursued a master’s in business administration before founding numerous tech firms that flourished. He accumulated good returns that allow him to make donations and philanthropic gestures. He also offers business consultancy services with a notable interest in the internet of things, education and politics.

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How Nick Vertucci Started a Career in Real Estate

Posted on May 07, 2018

Nick Vertucci is a real estate expert who is currently based in the United States. Although this businessman enjoys a lot of success at the moment, he has come from very humble backgrounds. This businessman has a very inspiring success story that motivates people coming from low income families to work hard so that they can enjoy the life they want at the end of the day. Nick Vertucci was once very poor, and sometimes he could not afford a decent meal for his family. Although it was so difficult to make ends meet in the start, the businessman was determined to have a great future, and he has made it in life despite the challenges he has faced on the way.

Nick Vertucci family was middle class. However, when his father passed away when he was at a critical stage of his life, he was forced to look for a way of livelihood when he was very young. The businessman realized that getting food and money for education was tough for their mother who was now the sole provider in the family. Nick felt that dropping from school was an ideal solution to the many problems the family was facing. Nick decided to look for a taxi so that he could assist his mother in running the family affairs.

During his 18th birthday, the businessman started a computer accessories business that managed to change his life around. The business did so well, and it offered the business an opportunity to marry and live the good life he had always wanted. This joy was short-lived because this business collapsed when Nick Vertucci had children to take care of. After a very difficult time, the renowned real estate investor met a friend who introduced him to real estate investments. The decision to venture into real estate was the best that he has ever done throughout his career life. The businessman has done quite well, and he has founded an organization that is called NV Real Estate. The real estate academy has only been performing well because of the great leadership it has been getting from Nick Vertucci.

Sheldon Lavin Propels OSI Group to Greater Heights Internationally

Posted on April 17, 2018

The current Chief Executive Officer and president of the OSI Group has been in the meat industry for long. Sheldon started out as a financial consultant at the Otto and Sons Company. He later became fully involved with the business and became a partner at the Otto and sons gaining 50 percent control over the company band and eventually 100 percent of the company after the retirement of his partner. Sheldon Lavin’s leadership skills have significantly contributed to the massive growth of the OSI Group to become an internationally recognized supplier company of food products.

The OSI group is the primary organization that holds the OSI International Food and the OSI industries LLC. The OSI group has managed to expand in over 16 countries with over 70 operations. The OSI Group features among the top 50 private organizations globally which have made over six billion in revenue. Sheldon has received numerous recognitions throughout the years, the most recent one being the prestigious Global Visionary Award in 2016. The Indian Vision World Academy presented the award. The prize aims to recognize extraordinary personal contributions to humanity through persistence and perseverance. Sheldon was also awarded the A Lifetime Achievement award for his commitment and service to the Chicago business community. The RSM US LLP presented the award in 2015. Under the leadership of Sheldon Lavin, the company has been able to grow to a global enterprise with over 20,000 employees.

Sheldon Lavin is also an active philanthropist. He has engaged in numerous charity organizations within the country and contributed to them massively. Among the groups, he has donated to the Ronald Mc Donald House Charity, the United Negro College Fund, Evans Scholarship Fund and the Inner City Foundation of Chicago among others.

Sheldon Lavin studied accounts and finance and is a degree holder in the same. The 81-year-old continues to persist in the growth of the OSI Group through continually expanding. He is keen on the qualities of the products being produced at OSI Group and makes evident efforts to maintaining the quality and standards of the product. In a recent interview, Sheldon expressed his Intention to continue scaling the heights of OSI Group high. He gave credit to his team of professionals who are committed to the success of OSI group. Sheldon hopes to continue with making progress in the company by penetrating the market globally.

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Adrangi’s Kerrisdale Issues Report on Eastman Kodak

Posted on April 13, 2018

Sahm Adrangi is currently the Chief Investment Officer (CIO) of the Kerrisdale Capital, one of the premier organizations concerning with stocks, bonds, financial reports, and more. The company essentially seeks to educate the public and help them from fraudulent companies. The company values long-term investments and holds events to promote just its “value-driven” investment ideals.

Before Kerrisdale Capital, Adrangi held various financial positions, including analyst, investment banker and fund manager; amongs others. Adrangi’s tenure at Longacre Fund Management is especially underscoring as he was one of the individuals responsible for managing $1.2 billion in company assets.

Even before Longacre Investments, Sahm Adrangi was helping clients with bankruptcy cases and investment dealings. Sahm Adrangi’s most prominent role, however, comes with Deutsche Bank, where was heavily involved with the financial structures and leverages. At an early age of 33, Sahm Adrangi holds titles and accolades that few even dream of. Early on, Adnragi was focused on attaining an education from one of the most prestigious colleges in the world, Yale University, where he would receive a BA in Economics.

More recently, Adrangi’s initiatives to educate the public lead to a negative report on a valued Eastman Kodak Company. Kerrisdale and Adrangi point out that KodakOne and KodakCoin are flawed in its system of operation, thus will not provide its shareholders’ benefits. He specifically points out that the company’s shares have risen because of an unwarranted hype – which will only hurt shareholders.

Eastman Kodak Company’s stock rose by 187% since it announced a lucrative partnership with a third-party image platform. This partnership, as Kerrisdale points out, is an attempt to cover the weak structure of the company’s capital. Currently, Kerrisdale is only to benefit if Eastman Kodak’s stock prices fall. The report by Kerrisdale further highlights the company’s flaws. Adrangi and Kerrisdale will soon host a conference call to discuss the Kodak matters.

IDLife Gives Personalized Nutrition To Everyone

Posted on December 02, 2017

Nutritional supplements are often designed in such a way that they do not benefit the vast majority of people. Assumptions are made about the health of everyone taking them and the end result is a defective product. IDLife has decided to change this by giving people the chance at customized supplements. Instead of wondering exactly what might help you the most you can now find a supplement specifically designed for your needs. It gives people a level of wellness previous supplements couldn’t offer them. No wonder this brand continues to grow in popularity and receives so many accolades for its quality.

Your Needs Are Met

IDLife was built around the idea of giving people personalized nutrition and everything that entails. Your genetics, life history, and environment are not likely matches for somebody else. You need something meant specifically for your body and that’s exactly what you’ll get with IDLife. The supplements are designed with insight you offer to give you optimum health. Everything is meant for your body and no two people will have a supplement similar to what somebody else might have for themselves.

The Reputation Speaks For Itself

The success stories involving IDLife are easily found. People have managed to finally lose wieght after years of trying to and others are now experiencing the fitness they have been missing for so long. This isn’t something you would have if you decided to use another supplement brand. Other brands simply don’t try to give their customers something that specifically targets each individual and gives them nutrition meant to meant each and every individuals needs. With the help of IDLife meeting your goals is very easy to do. Personalized nutrition is growing trend and this is just one more step towards that.

Personalized Nutrition Only Grows

IDLife is a growing company at the forefront of a movement. Personalized nutrition is something that wouldn’t have been possible decades ago, but it’s easily achieved today due to major advances we’ve made in tech and science. We can understand how genetics and environment interact to give the unique life history of an individual. We can then use that to create a supplement specifically meant for you. The millions of satisfied customers are only the beginning of this movement. As time goes on we’ll see more people copy the IDLife success formula to create their own supplement brands.

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Don Ressler, the Successful Entrepreneur

Posted on November 22, 2017

Don Ressler is an entrepreneur who has succeeded in starting up several companies. He is the co-founder and Chief executive officer of Fabletics brand, an online athletic retailer. Don Ressler is also the Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of TechStyle Fashion Group which was formerly known as JustFab Inc. TechStyle Fashion Group is an online fashion retailer that deals with various collections of handbags, shoes, jewelry, and denim. TechStyle Fashion Group is the parent and owner of five online companies the Fabletics brand, JustFab, Fabkids and the ShoeDazzle.

Don Ressler is also the Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Intelligent Beauty, Inc. He also served as Chief Executive Officer and the President of Fitness Heaven.Com which he co-founded. Don Ressler has also worked at intermix media where he directed the essential ventures that increased and enhanced the value of the shareholders. He also Co-founded the Alena Media where he created Hydroderm, a skin care product. Don Ressler began his online career by consulting with companies as he focused on taking advantage of the growing market online gap.

Don Ressler launched the Fabletic Brand on 2013. The company was also launched by Adam Goldenberg and Kate Hudson who are also the co-founders. Kate Hudson is the ambassador of the Fabletic brand. Don Ressler and his team launched the brand which catered for the market gap he identified in activewear industry. The industry contained many brands which neither provided a finest nor stylish gear at affordable prices. Don Ressler’s Fabletics brand was ready to fill the market gap and provide affordable and stylish brands.

Fabletics brand deals with fashion products which are normally adorned by ladies throughout the world on a daily basis. This is a trend the company is focused on; it wants to pursue and push it towards its expansion. Fabletics brand is a monthly company, and this allows them to explore new concepts and ideas that meet the needs of their target market. The brand also evaluates the responses of what they have released in the market to build upon new ideas to their brand.

Don Ressler and his team have recently started a worldwide breast cancer awareness campaign through Fabletics and Council of Fashion Designers of America for FTBC (Fashion Breast Cancer). The launching was done in Torrance, California at the Del Amo Fashion Centre Mall. Don Ressler and his team were to reveal the bright blue and baby pink capsule collection that would benefit the FTBC project directly and greatly. and their accredited Fabletics stores throughout the United States would handle the selling of the items.

MB2 Dental Solutions – making life easier for Dentists

Posted on August 14, 2017

MB2 Dental Solutions is an organization that offers services to dentists and other practice owners that are affiliated. MB2 Dental Solutions provides office space to these individuals to conduct their businesses. The affiliates do not have to give up their patients or standards when receiving services from MB2 Dental Solutions. Their main aim is to cater to all non-clinical related matters for their dentists so that the dentists can focus on their careers and patients. MB2 Dental Solutions covers all other aspects of your business including human resource management, compliance checks, auditing and finances, operations which include billing, marketing, procurement and business development among others.

MB2 Dental Solutions offers quality and affordable services to its clients and is associated with 6 states so far. They are available through the number of dentists who have taken their business to this organization. The Organization has many attached doctors who work on providing the best dentist services to patients. The thing that makes MB2 Dental Solutions stand out is that it offers a wide support system for its members. It also ensures that there is clinical independence, openness in compensations and ability to grow their career. It has also acted as a stepping stone, business-wise, for dentists in many areas. With the way MB2 Dental Solutions handle non-clinical related matters for the dentists, the dentists give their full attention to the patients and this creates outstanding and exemplary customer service.

Among the many dentists in this organization, Dr. Akhil Reddy stands out in his own kind of way. Dr.Reddy has a great taste in wine and fashion. If he is not attending to a patient, he likes to taste and share his expertise in wine. He enjoys rich tasting wines and has even gone ahead and offered his advice on some of the wines that people should try. He has been hunting down good wine for years and is now a wine connoisseur. He can be able to advise on good flavor, where to find a good bottle and many other wine related topics. Moreover, Dr. Akhil Reddy has a keen eye for fashion and style. He believes that even with a white coat, one can still dress in a stylish way. He has given his advice on how people should dress to remain stylish even if they have coats on almost all day. Dr. Reddy is a man with many skills and it is admirable.

Chris Burch – A Serial Entrepreneur Now Venturing Into Hospitality Business With The Launch Of Nihiwatu

Posted on April 12, 2017

Chris Burch is a globally acclaimed investor and serial entrepreneur, who in his career span of nearly 40 years has assisted in growing nearly 50 companies. He has a keen understanding of consumer behavior and preferences, on which he does his research consistently. It helps him in creating disruptive brands that lead to transforming the consumer market and touching customers’ lives.

He is the founder and CEO of Burch Creative Capital, which looks for invests in start-ups and business opportunities that are creating momentum in their respective industries. Chris Burch is invested in many different sectors, such as healthcare, hospitality, fashion, finance, real estate, and more. Few of his recent ventures includes brands like Ed by Ellen DeGeneres, Trademark, Nihiwatu, Poppin and more.

Nihiwatu is a five-star hotel that he opened in an isolated small Indonesia Island. It is the hotel that is named the best in the world by Travel+Leisure, which is a highly reputed recognition to achieve. Chris Burch, who is known popularly for founding brands such as Tory Burch and C. Wonder, is now an hotelier as well with this latest venture. He started Nihiwatu with another famous hotelier, James McBride. They together brought a dysfunctional hostel on the island and spent $30 million in its renovation, and completely overhauled its outlook, both interior, and exterior, to make it entirely new, appealing and inviting.

Chris Burch said that the island itself is so beautiful that it naturally adds the beauty to their efforts in creating a landmark luxurious hotel in mid of nowhere. Nihiwatu has 27 luxurious private villas, including one for the Raja Mendaka and home of Chris Burch. The resort hotel is equipped with unthinkable luxurious amenities, which needs to be seen to be believed. Starting from world class spa to five-star culinary experiences, Nihiwatu has all one ask for.