Ryan Seacrest-How He Balances His Life

Posted on September 17, 2018

Ryan Seacrest recently dto New York from Los Angeles in order to host “Live.” He will be hosting the show with Kelly Ripa, and he also produces the hit TV series, “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” and “American Idol.” He runs his own skincare line and clothing line, and has his own radio show, “On Air with Ryan.” He also makes time for the Ryan Seacrest Foundation because it’s important to give back to those in need.

His morning begins early at about 6 am, and he quickly gets himself ready for the day. He has his morning matcha tea and a coffee and keeps in shape with his trainer on the go. He feels guilty for taking the time to train but feels that it is essential to stay healthy and fit. He has been boxing with a boxing coach lately, and he also rides a Peloton before work. He also likes to run but does not like the treadmill. Running through the park beats the treadmill any day. Read this article published by The Hollywood Reporter magazine.

TV host Ryan Seacrest catches up with the overnight news and watches some TV, and he takes the car to work so he can catch up on the news on the way to work. He had to train himself over the years to balance everything, and he has developed self-discipline. He has had to really work in his focus since he has attention deficit disorder. His phone has been a big distraction, and he has found that limiting his phone time is for the better. In an article published by Men’s Journal, Seacrest mentioned that he has a vegan diet, and he avoids his phone when he is on a trip, so it does not distract him. He goes as far as to lock it in a safe which may seem drastic but it is effective.

Ryan Seacrest worked for Dick Clark for a short period before he passed and he had watched him as a kid. He remembers that he always seemed so calm and collected and when Seacrest asked him what his secret was, Clark responded that if you are doing your job well, that is what everyone will think.

More info about Seacrest’s radio show: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCl4h_3qTOIUnUX8KCICRM3A

Ryan Seacrest: America’s Personality

Posted on August 16, 2018

Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia Ryan Seacrest had almost no problem finding his way to stardom. He started with his first hosting on a show called Gladiators 2000. This began in 1994 and from there he moved on to host a slew of other shows such as 98.7 radio show which he brought to the #1 show on afternoon radio. From there he went on to find fame in 2002 with American Idol, he was the most notable host on the show, but only stayed with the show for two seasons. However, many will say that he is the best host they ever had because of his great, non-stop energy and his memorable catchphrase “Seacrest out!” From there he went on to host American Juniors in 2003 where he kept the energy flowing. Almost immediately after, he brought that energy to yet another radio show. Ryan Seacrest, the creator of fashion line called Distinction was also nominated for several Emmy’s from 2003 all the way up until 2013 for his involvement and memorable role in American Idol’s national talent search. From 2004 to 2008 Ryan Seacrest, the American Idol host was the host of his own radio show that was named for him called On-Air with Ryan Seacrest. Many people still remember episodes of the show.

Recently he’s been up to pretty big things. In 2017, he joined Kelly Ripa and replaced Michael Strahan on ABC. Their show is called Live with Kelly and Ryan, and the two have undisputable chemistry that draws a great crowd to the daytime show. He is also the owner of his own foundation called the Ryan Seacrest Foundation that donates to several children’s hospitals all over the nation. According to mensjournal.com, Seacrest also named pop singer and model Selena Gomez the ambassador of his foundation and does his best to promote the foundation in his city to bring more awareness. Ryan Seacrest is one of the most beloved personalities in America and he will likely continue to be for another 40 years.

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The Achievements of Ryan Seacrest

Posted on June 25, 2018

For one man, Ryan Seacrest has s lot of achievements that he can show for his career. He has accomplished a lot more in his career than many people can say that they have accomplished in their whole lives. For one thing, he is someone who does not play it safe when it comes to his choices. He is also willing to learn about new things that can help him with his career. One of the things he has learned about is the importance of having the right outfit. He has learned a lot from a mentor on how to dress himself.

Ryan Seacrest, the American Idol host and also a producer, has learned about the difference appearance can make on his life. He is someone who has experience being overweight. He has fortunately learned how to get his body in ideal shape. This has made a huge difference in his life. For one thing, she has gained a lot of confidence in his achievements. This confidence carries over into every aspect of his day. While he has a great sense of humor, he also has a sincere heart. He is willing to listen to a lot of people as they share their life story with him.

Among the greatest of his achievements is setting up a foundation with the purpose of helping people. The area he works in when it comes to helping the youth is in broadcasting talents. He wants to help the youth channel their strengths so that they will be able to make a successful career that will fulfill them. One thing that can be said about Ryan Seacrest is that he is going to inspire someone to achieve a lot in his lifetime. He is also going to help people gain the confidence they need in order to move forward and build the type of life they want.

Source: https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/features/ryan-seacrest-rebooted-live-a-new-york-move-bumpy-road-back-idol-1013173

The Chainsmokers Hot New Sound

Posted on May 03, 2018

Do you like to listen to music? Do you have a favorite artist or have a favorite band? Have you ever heard of The Chainsmokers? If you haven’t heard about this dynamic duo, then you must be living under a rock. The Chainsmokers has been on a tear over the past 24 months. The duo sounds completely different from anything else that’s on the market, and it produces a lot of dance tracks. In addition to that, the duo has thrown in some ballads for added balance. Just recently, this EDM-pop duo has introduced its brand new sound, and it has created plenty of chatter.

The two bandmates, Drew Taggart and Alex Pall, has dropped their new single “Sick Boy,” and it’s tearing-up the charts. This track has a much darker tone than the duo is use to bringing, but it sounds really good. Taggart’s strong vocals seem to glide along perfectly with the silky smooth instrumentals, which are stronger in-depth. “Sick Boy” shows the evolution of the band and how each individual has grown since the band’s inception. Taggart once stated, “anger and frustration went into making this song.” Though the duo has been blessed with enormous success, there will always be some kind of backlash and criticism for any artist. Taggart feels like he, and his bandmate has been viewed as a caricature by certain music columnists. At times in the music business, it’s hard to get around projections, and it can be hard trying to explain otherwise.

This darker tone of music is really hitting home with the band’s huge fan-base. America seems to be in a dark place right about now and music can certainly provide a temporary escape. In the end, this chart-topping duo will continue to do what it has already done in the past and that’s by making hit records that straddles the fence.


Chainsmokers Attempt New Music Style

Posted on March 27, 2018

The DJ phenomenon Chainsmokers is finally returning to give their fans some new music. The duo just released the song Closer, which features twenty year old song writing sensation Halsey. This time around however Chainsmokers are doing things in just a little different fashion. With Closer the duo is not just providing a beat they are attaching vocals. That in itself is not the surprise. The surprise is the Chainsmokers have elected to sing the vocals themselves. The group has had along burning passion to make themselves standout from similar artists. Perhaps even more importantly, Chainsmokers wants to make their music more personal and connect even more with their audience.

Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart have gone in a new direction with their new music. Closer is a departure from recent releases like “Roses” and “Don’t Let Me Down.” The Duo recently shared a little about how they got started in music and how their journey has led them to where they are now. Both had an interest in DJing from a young age. Alex got his starts with side work in New York City. The passion to make a living with music was always there. Soon after meeting Andrew, Pall decided to make the jump and go at DJing full time. Andrew himself had been interning at Interscope, before partnering up with Alex Pall.

When speaking about the new direction Alex and Andrew had much to say. They had a long history of working with songwriters but had never really shared their own feelings. They didn’t want just another collection of songs, they wanted music that was about them and what they were feeling. The concept was unique, but one they were really intrigued by. Chainsmokers has a desire to keep pushing themselves and trying new things. Their latest work is proof of their success.