End Citizens United: Helping Average Americans

Posted on July 06, 2018

The corrupting influence of money cannot be understated. It is the centerpiece in many dramas and the agony of the average person in real life. The lack of power that comes with poverty is difficult to counteract. It is believed by establishing a democratic country people who have less social power can still exercise equal political power. By granting all peoples equal political power a government can ensure that all voices are being heard and that policy is reflective of the ones in needs of every citizen and not just those who are capable of exercising more financial support.

In theory, such a practice is excellent however, it requires the protection of its citizens. If more financial contributions are excepted but from some citizens then it opens the gate of potential corruption. A controversial ruling in 2010 by the Supremes court in the United States in the case of Citizens United versus FEC found that money equals speech. Such a ruling is grotesque to many Americans of average or little income. It also inspired the establishment of the political organization known as end Citizens United. Americans are outraged because they recognize the implications of such a ruling. This ruling grants a greater access to politicians those Americans who are willing and able to pay for it.

Ultimately, this sort of policy leads to the corruption of public officials. They have greater incentive to implement the policies of those of the highest bidder. Essentially, this puts the political landscape of America up for sale. End Citizens United is on a quest to mitigate the negative impacts of such a ruling. They’re in goal is to have the ruling reversed and have sensible finance reform in American politics. For now, the organization has to work with what they have. That means that the focus of End Citizens United is to support those politicians who fight against financial corruption. End Citizens United does so by raising money through grassroots efforts and contributing it to the campaigns of those public officials who vote in favor of financial reforms. End citizens United hopes of their efforts give the average American a greater voice in American politics.