The Greenhouse Project

Posted on December 19, 2014

The costs associated with nursing care for elderly run very high. Traditional nursing homes are often expensive and unappealing to the average person, but The Greenhouse Project is trying to change these factors.

The Greenhouse Project offers a model for elderly nursing care with a focus on comfort, good food, and positive interactions. The current nursing care model for this innovative movement incorporates sustainable practices designed to make residents feel like they are part of the home by having them help with growing, cooking, and serving healthy, sustainable meals from onsite gardens.

The cultural changes in this progressive model include giving caregivers, and the elderly residents, more choice over their daily lives. Dr. Rod Rohrich says a great deal of improvement can be see in this new nursing care model, and the sustainable practices they incorporate are very appealing. The nutritional benefits and sustainable practices found throughout many sectors of society have made their way into a much needed change concerning care for the elderly.

The Greenhouse Project has been shown to be very successful and studies have shown many benefits to the residents. While traditional nursing homes have little appeal to the emerging population of elderly in the United States, the progression intrinsic to The Greenhouse Project feels like a step in the correct direction.