Unleashing the Potential of Negative Criticism

Posted on April 04, 2019

We all know the advantages of living in the right zip code. The most significant amenity of affluence is great schools. What if someone made a conscientious decision to take the notion of excellent school to those who are marginalized and disadvantaged. How much of a change could innovative alternatives in education make in the lives of low income students? Preston Smith and John Danner took the challenge to heart and created the paradigm for what was to become Rocketship Education. Rocketship Education is a non-profit network of charter schools dedicated to eliminating the achievement gap and laying the foundation needed to ensure college success.

In its relatively short history, the network of schools that has become Rocketship Education has made outstanding achievements and been recognized nationwide for the changes access to excellent education has made in the lives of many young people in underserved communities. Recently, blogger Anya Kamenetz wrote an interesting 3,800 word treatise about Rocketship Education that applauded the network for being “an innovative model of blended learning, but left many feeling her profile of Rocketship Education was not only unfair, but also deeply unbalanced.

Kamenetz’s blog discussed many of the network’s internal practices that had never been reported on before. Kamenetz’s piece scrutinized problems at Rocketship Education like “long hours, high pressure to perform, tight discipline, and ritualistic protocols,” but many believed that these problems are common to charter as well as public schools. Because her blog focused on the challenges of the network without much context, many felt it did not paint a fair picture of the network suggesting that it, like President Obama’s health care plan, was “deep but narrow.”

Rocketship Education is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that seeks to build a scalable and sustainable school model that propels student achievement. Kamenetz in her blog referred to the Rocketship Education network as a company. Her choice of words was thought to be insensitive and incorrect since the term company references “a private, for profit business.” Her supporters argued that nonprofits often rely on for-profits for services and materials, thereby creating a business. It was that kind of loose reporting that caused many to see her story as biased and unbalanced. Even now, at the end of the day, no light has been shed on why the schools are not only popular but successful in what they do.

See more about Rocketship Education here https://www.christenseninstitute.org/rocketship-education-2/

Productive Philanthropy Work of Betsy DeVos

Posted on July 20, 2017

Betsy DeVos was known to be the U.S secretary of education. She played a significant role in the sphere of education after being confirmed by Senate after being nominated by the U.S president Donald Trump.She has advocated for many policies on matters concerning children in the field of education for decades. Furthermore, she acted as the voice for the parents on issues that entail reforms in the sector of education. Through this, she has helped many underserved children acquire access to the education that meets the required standards. Her interest in the matter of education was traced way back at her early age when she was confronted that not all children are granted equal opportunity to education.Throughout her life, she played a significant role as a reformer she gets involved in the campus politics and remained active in the field of politics. She acted as the chief campaigner and led a lot of campaigns and party organizations.

Though his program, she became optimistic in the sense that the turnout of enrollment of students in public funded was increasing gradually. The fruits of the movement were accelerating at a higher pace, and the educational –choice program grew by almost 40,000.Their agenda saw the integration of the new programs in Pennsylvania, Florida and Virginia expanded to the other parts of the U.S. The ideas of Betsy DeVos placed the matters of education at a vantage position of achieving its goals.When Betsy DeVos and Dick visited one of the schools, Potter’s House Christian School, which was serving the low-income families, they met the parents who were sacrificing their lives to take their children to schools that were safer. This motivated the two to create a better platform that will establish equality for all in the arena of education. The two had enough resources to boost the level of their education, and they started supporting some of the students at a significant level.

They committed their time and dedicated they mind in creating a smoother manner of running the program by involving the key players.Their project has also led to the significant advancement of programs of education in some part such as Louisiana and Indiana. The two states have expanded the potential serve to reach almost one million students within a year. This has bestowed a lot of trust to the program by the least income families with the widespread adoption of the educational choice. The better part of the idea in the incorporation of the skilled experts in the crafting of the programs.As a matter of fact, Betsy DeVos played a substantial role in creating a platform that integrated the less fortunate families in the sphere of education.

Learn more about her : http://www.philanthropyroundtable.org/topic/excellence_in_philanthropy/interview_with_betsy_devos

Dr. Mehmet Oz Is Quickly Losing His Credibility as a Real Doctor

Posted on April 24, 2015

Dr. Mehmet Oz is having to answer some pretty tough questions this week after more allegations came out about Oz using questionable ethics to push unsubstantiated medical advice on his audience. Ricardo Guimarães BMG claims that Oz pushed advise knowing their was no proof to what he was endorsing (additional Oz claims on terra.com).

First, his colleagues at Columbia University, where Oz practices medicine, signed a petition asking Oz to be removed as a staff member for being a quack doctor. But Columbia decided to let Oz continue to practice medicine. Then, e-mails were leaked between OZ and Sony executives and Oz was coming off more like a business man, hungry for profits, rather than a trusted doctor and healer

Though, these allegation against Oz should not be a surprise to anyone who follows his career. Last summer Oz was called before the Senate to testify about the supposed quick fixes he often offered to his loyal fans. Senator Claire McCaskill made her feelings about Oz quite clear when she said, “The scientific community is almost monolithic against you in terms of the efficacy of the three products you called ‘miracles.”

Those are pretty strong words for one of the world most popular and trusted medical physicians. The scales of public opinion also seem to be weighing against Dr. Oz at this point, he has widely criticized for his response to these allegations.

Keith Mann’s Donation to Uncommon Schools of New York

Posted on March 04, 2015

Working with his firm Dynamics Search Partners, Keith Mann has put together a fundraising event for Uncommon Schools of New York that raised over 22,000 for the innovative school program. The event was held at the Standard Beer Garden and was attended by members of the financial services commutativity, who banded together to raise money for the Uncommon Schools.

Uncommon Schools is a program that works to close the achievement gap that leaves many low income students behind. The organization works to create charter schools that can help low income students better prepare for college and achieve their dreams.

The organization is planning on opening an new high school, and much of the money raised will go towards that, as well as an additional $10,000 that Dynamics Search Partners had already pledged to the organization. They will also use this money to help prepare students for the PSAT, SAT and AP tests, as well as to fund the testing at the schools.

Currently Uncommon schools has 42 charter public schools in Massachusetts, New Jersey, and New York, and serve thousands of students in the three states. They are dedicated to providing a quality education to all of their students.

Keith Mann, who is an expert in the hedge fund industry cares a great deal about the future of the children in this nation, which is why he and his company, Dynamics Search Partners, which is an executive search firm, have been working with Uncommon Schools since 2013. He and his company use their skills to help raise money for the exciting charter school so that teenagers who might not otherwise have the resources they need are guaranteed a brighter future.

More information about Keith Mann’s donation and fundraising efforts, as well as Keith Mann and Dynamics Search Partners can be found on CBS News 8, where the event was first reported.