Orange is the New Black Released Early

Posted on June 12, 2015

Fan Crystal Hunt of the Netflix series will be elated to find that “Orange is the New Black, Season 3” has been released early for viewers. The trailer was already out for the series, but now fans are getting access to the whole season.

This show has become a really big hit. Over the years Netflix has become a major contender with the other major networks. This show has been popular since the very first season. Now fans have the ability to get all wrapped up into a 3rd season of this show. It may be the biggest hit from the Netflix shows because it seems to real. This original series is based on a book from a women that was actually in prison. That is what makes fans continue to tune in. There is a level of authenticity here that makes the show a winner.

New Netflix fans are finding out about this show and going back to watch previous seasons. Netflix is known to keep a lot of subscribers anticipating shows, but the early release of the show is just something else that keeps people connected to this streaming network. It would be difficult to keep the attention of fans if Netflix only did movie streaming, but this company is known for so much more. The new season of this show kicks off the binge watching craze that originated with Netflix.