O2Pur Keeps Abreast of the Changes within the Tobacco Industry

Posted on April 04, 2018

The acquisition movements of the three main leading cigarette brands are still on the rise. And even though these big cigarette corporations have maintained close-knit business ties with each other; the fact is, when one of them procures the other, it will provide a great advantage of having a complete collection of alternative cigarettes that can increase the market share as well as provide more profits.

British American Tobacco is currently making arrangements to buy Reynolds American. Although negotiations are still on the table, British American Tobacco already has a 42% investment in Reynolds American, which is more than a passable share due to the Reynolds American e-cigarette gadgets that are popular.

For Philip Morris International, which was once a part of Altria, are still together in some alternative cigarette ventures that they carry on in promoting and peddling of e-cigarette goods labeled with the Marlboro brand name. Insider information has it that Altria may acquire Philip Morris International or vice versa, but for the meantime, both companies remain to do business jointly.

When and if British American Tobacco finalizes its procurement of American Reynolds, it will no doubt be ahead of Philip Morris International and will be the leading tobacco corporation internationally. It presently has numerous cigarette alternative products available in the market, however, like the others, it is speculating on the HNB technology (heat-not-burn) which is forecasted to be the next significant trend in the industry.

Philip Morris International who is also a prominent figure in the tobacco sector has e-cigarette devices in the form of the IQOS that is rechargeable and also has HeatSticks that is sold under the Marlboro label.

O2Pur started its operation in 2013 in Salt Lake City, Utah, and has been a trusted e-liquid supplier since the mentioned year. Its nicotine salt-based products have a swift-acting capacity and are better tasting too. O2Pur aims to provide intense e-liquid flavors that would have an excellent effect – making it worth the customer’s money.

O2Pur’e-liquid products are far cheaper than the others, and it formulates, mixes, bottles, and package all its goods within the United States.